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New scenario coming

Dream Deveicer

Mar 1, 2002
Hello everybody.
My first scenario is soon available. It is titled "Operation Downfall" and it deals with the hypothetical invasion of the Japanese home-islands during WW2. You take the role as the leader of the USA invasion fleet during X-Day, 1.12.1945. Japan and Soviet Union are not playable.

Your task will not be easy. The first invasion target is the southern island of Kyushu. It is very heavily fortified, full of fortresses, strongpoints and underground bunkers. The enemy has an almost endless supply of fanatical soldiers loyal to the Emperor, thousands of suicide planes and boats, huge guerilla force and even biological weapons! D-Day was a walk in the park compared to the hell that awaits in the beaches of Kyushu. If you overcome all odds and manage to crush the Japanese forces at Kyushu even bigger challenge awaits you. "Operation Coronet", the invasion of Honshu and Tokyo Plains can begin.

You must be quick. The Red Army is prepairing to invade Hokkaido. You must not let the country of Japan get divided like Germany.

Now, some pictures...

The US invasion fleet battles the remains of the Imperial Navy

Waves and waves of Kamikaze-bombers and suicide boats try to stop the invasion before it even starts

Hell on Earth - 2nd, 3rd and 5th USMC divisions try to break through the Japanese defenses in Sendai.

The map

Any questions, comments or ideas?
Those pictures aren't showing up :(

This is a great idea for a scenario, and I'm really lookingh forward to playing it
case, right click on the red x, go to properties, get the url and paste it into ur browsert thing to see it
I was thinking about doing a scenario on that, but now one is made so I don't need to :D When can expect?
Kyushu looks way too narrow (east to west) compared to the rest of Japan.


Here is the real map of Japan

and here is an in-game shot.

I think it looks quite good?

PS. I hope the pictures show up this time! If not, could someone explain how you post the damn things?
Hey I recognize those units :D

I'm curious, are you going to have children suicide bomber units and average citizens armed with spears?

About the former, I've read that the Japanese were training children to jump under american tanks and detonate themselves.

I seem to remember something about "a nation of 100 million defenders." The allied predictions were 100% casualties on the first waves.
I was planning to do an Operation Downfall scenario, but never got around to do it. I had an idea for having "armed citizens" in the partisan slot and have them as high FP missiles.
Originally posted by DarthVeda
I seem to remember something about "a nation of 100 million defenders." The allied predictions were 100% casualties on the first waves.

In recent years those kind of Allied casualty estimates have been seriously questioned. While Truman defended the use of the bomb on the grounds that it avoided 1 million Allied casualties, the actual estimates the Cheifs of Staff had produced were far lower then this. I believe that 50,000 was considered quite realistic.

You've got to remember that the Japanese population was starving in August 1945, and few people outside the military believed that there was any point in resisting further.
One of the big factors in this turn around was the increasingly common sight of Allied ships sailing within sight of the Japanese coast.

BTW, here's a fantastic article which compares the Allied and Japanese plans for the invasion of Japan: http://www.ibiblio.org/pha/war.term/olympic.html
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