New Scenario: Great Napoleonic Battles

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Oct 25, 2000
Great Napoleonic Battles is a new Civ2 Gold scenario created by W.I.N.T.E.R. It is designed to be played as a multiplayer scenario, although single player can still be fun. From the author:

"This scenario is entirelly (!!!) based on the basic settings of the "Age of Napoleon" one; even the starting positions and basic unit values are the same. The original was a rather long lived scenario, although I have to say that I haven't seen it on the web for some time now. I unfortunatly don't know its designer's name (believe it was Microprose)- otherwise I would mention the maker respectively... Other elements (units, event texts) have been taken from ***John Ellis'es*** "Bonaparte" Scenario."


NOTE: More Civ2 scenarios/files will be posted later today! If you have some Civ2 files you want to publish, feel free to submit them and they will be added in this Civ2 Downloads Collection update today. I expecially would like to add more units to the collection this time. :)

EDIT: oops! I didn't realize there is an existing thread for this scenario. Closing this thread...

If anything (!) comes to your mind (comments, suggestions, really anything) please feel free to contact me and let me know :) .

Screenshots & Preview

Now, for those who don't like the artwork for Prussia I have included some alternatives (another one is in the iconsp.bmp already):
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