New Star Trek Unit: Intrepid class (Voyager)


Prussian Feldmarschall
Jun 10, 2003
Schleswig- Holstein. Germany
The Intrepid class was designed to help Starfleet in discovering new areas. It was built as a light scout cruiser, since the original ships for these task, the Galaxy and Ambassador classes were too few to cope with this task. Because of the high production numbers to become a real help for Starfleet the ship was designed and built very small. Although the most modern technology available was used in combat these ships are usually only capable to fight against ships up the size of a Bird of Prey. In battles the Intrepid class ships should harass enemy ships while bigger ships would take them out. Also they would take fire from the other ships. However with the apparently sudden los of the 2nd ship of this class, NCC 74656 USS Voyager, the whole program was delayed. But it wasn´t an accident which destroyed the Voyager but Alien technology which brought her to the Delta Quadrant. Within 7 years and many adventures she was able to return home by a Borg transwarp conduit. And another feature of this ship: Because of the need of ships to land on planets where exotic athmospheres prevents beaming or the use of shuttles, the Intrepid class is able to land on planets.
The only lack of this unit I could find is the problem of using white phaser rays. I didn´t find a solution of that problem.

Intrepid class (Voyager)

And here are the animations:
This torpedo animation is a redone animation since I lost the original one. In reality this animation is slightly different.



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Looks great, nice details. Now maybe someone could make Janeway and 7of9 Units ;);)

Lol its was an good show, muffins. Your maybe not an Trekkie? :p
The torpedoes indeed travel to the position of the explosion and disappear there. In my animation here I had to redo it, so I did not post the real animation here. To be clear: In the unit animation the torpedoes travel until the point of the explosion and then disappear in the explosion.

to move the warp nacelles: It's simple I did it with the wings of the K'Vort. All you have to do is splitting the mesh. Go to designer, and mark one of the warp nacelles. Then go to menu and export current selection as model. Now delete the warp nacelle from the original mesh. Repeat for the second w.n. Then export the remaining part of the original mesh too.
Now back in animator insert 3 models instead of 1. Put all 3 parts of the Voyager in, and give them them same coords, now they should look like one mesh. Now you can move the warp nacelles free, without the body of the ship.
I did it already! But I got difficulties: The program does hang up, whenever I try to render. I also assume that the moving of the nascelles changes the position of the nascelles. However without the ability to see it I am not sure.

The render hangs up, that's bad :(

The problem with the moving nascelles could be fixed by moving the mesh center of the nascelles to the point where the axis are.

If you have still a problem, you could send me the files and I will try to fix the problem, so that you could render the animation.

Anyway good work :goodjob:
Thanks to Morpheus, who rendered the animation for me, I can now you offer the run animation with moving nascells. It is indeed much more like in the TV series. Have fun. The old animation however is still useable.



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