New Star Wars Unit: Battle Droid


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Well it once again seems I've hit my stride for making units, and life has found a new way to kick me in the nuts. Anyways, enjoy the Battle Droid, it may be my last unit for a while.



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:) I forgot about him :) I have a stap(the flying thing) for 3ds that I plan to do sometime. I'm going to do it riderless so we can put any unit on it :)
Hmm, I was looking everywhere for this unit. Good Job :D
is there one for clone troopers too. this ones great superb job
Seems like I need a subscription to download? Could someone attach it here.
Awesome! I´m gonna use it as a basis for the other droids I´m gonna make.
Umm, bumping a 2 year dead thread isn't a good thing.
...And here's me thinking no one'd bother with these:mischief:

Great work, if I do say so myself!
GermanRuler said:
Hey! thats of Star wars galactic battlegrounds: clone campaings!

Yes. They extracted the sprites and turned it into a unit. No idea how though. I'm not a unit maker.
Yes we extracted them from SW:GB about 3/4 of the Civilization Star Wars units are from SW:GB.

We used a DRS Viewer to view the data files for SW:GB and extract units frame-by-frame to BMPs and then used SBB to combine all the BMPs into one storyboard and then transferred the palette and storyboard to a PCX file and used Civ3FLCEdit or Flicster to make them into Civ3 units. That's just a brief summary on how SW:GB units can be extracted to Civ3 units but of course there are a few more steps in between.
Are you gonna make a tutorial ´bout it?
Sort of.
damned ten characters rule.
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