New Star Wars Unit: Jawa Droid


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Ok, I havent posted anything in a long time, and thats basically because I havent been working on anything....ummm anyways, I slapped this together today, its my first attempt at making a unit completely in 3D and then doing the animations in paint shop. There is only one animation though, and thats the death animation. I currently have no idea what this can be used for... if anyone wants to take it and do some animations for it to be used as a settler or worker, that would be appreciated. I just dont have time to work on the mod. Anyways, lets hope this sparks some life back into the mod.


I believe this is an unfinished preview of the death animation, not sure though....


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Uhm not bad. You should make a Star Wars mod! :)
Anytime! :goodjob:
Great unit tpasmall, glad to see your back. This unit looks different for some reason? Great work:thumbsup:.
tpasmall- LOL, thanks for the idea:rolleyes:
:lol:, look at his sig a little more closely Balrog;).
There is only one animation though, and thats the death animation

couldn't make a default?
It's a very good model, I like the texture and lighting.

BTW: I've got some ships for the mod. As soon as I finish the hover tank, I'll get them out. ;)
shouldn't be longer than a week
Heh, there is a default .flc, but its not animated, just one frame. And the reason it most likely looks different is because this one isnt a converted battlegrounds unit like most of mine, this was done in 3DS and then turned into a unit.

Bhiita, that'll be great! The more units out there the better. I'm hoping someone will take this vast array of Star Wars units out there and make a scenario with them. If there are any units that aren't yet made that someone needs for a scenario, request them and I'll see what I can do.
Oh damn my bad. I never noticed that in your signature! :rolleyes:
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