New Star Wars Unit: Jawa


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Ok finished em up today. I really like this unit, hope you do too.



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Uh yeah, what he said.

Do they have that "electromagnetic thingy" attack?
The ion gun? No. I will probably make an alternate version later that has it though. This one attacks with a laser type attack.


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Excuse me for asking, but how exactly do you get the units to work? I put the stormtrooper and AT-AT in the /art/units folder, but in the editor it won't recognize it. Sorry about the change of subject.
Do you have play the world? If not, they should be working, if you do i completely forgot...
Nice Unit...but the Sounds and Animations are off. Jawa Shoots 3 times and the Sound Fires 4 times. The Sound also has him taking an Extra Step after he stops. Any Fixes on those? Good Job on the Unit...Hope to get a Sound Fix.
Cool unit first... I did find a problem though. In the INI file it says JawaAttackA.flc while the file is just JawaAttack.flc. Don't know if others noticed this as well and didn't mention it or if maybe I did something while fiddling. I was trying to fix Vuldacon's sound issue, but try as I might to get the attack sound as close to the animation time as possible it still played one extra time. Don't know why.
Thanks Kinboat and Vuldacon. I didnt know about any problems with the unit, since I haven't play tested the unit. I actually dont think I have play tested a unit since the Sandcrawler.... Anyway, there is very little chance that I will get around to fixing the sound problem, mainly because I have so much work to do and so little time to do it. Maybe when I release an alternate version, I'll fix the current one though.
tpasmall, I managed to get the Attack and Sound to work properly and added fidget, fortify and victory. Also included the Large and Small pcs files and units_32.pcx.

If you look in the Jawa.ini file you will see that by using Both the Attack1 and Attack2 with the same Attack flc and then using the same Attack.wav file for the Attack1 and Attack2 Corrected the 3 shot animation that was shooting 4 times with sound.

Jawa still takes an extra step (with sound) especially Running on the Diagonal Squares because shorter distance but basically Jawa is Good to go Now...Feel Free to adjust as you like.

You will Notice that I Made a New Attack Sound and Tweaked and switched others.

167 KB...Get the Download here:,

Enjoy ::D
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