New Star Wars Unit: Rebel Trooper


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Ok, finally finished him after a long period of procrastination. ;) Actually he was all done except for the death animation for a long time, then as I was pasting in one of the last frames in the death animation paint shop crashed without me saving it, so thats why i procrastinated so long. But alas, he is finished and I hope someone finds some use for it.



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No idea to tell you the truth, Isak is the one making it now, I just compile everything on the site and try to get members. I think its still being worked on. What I actually think should happen is someone should use the many units that are available and make there own scenario or something. That way I could try to fill in the missing units that they need and have some more motivation than blindly making units that dont get used.
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EDIT: Nevermind


What made you change your mind? I would like to d/l this unit myself but I don't want to join GameSpy. Can someone post it on the CFC server? Lab Monkey?
The reason I have the files on fileplanet is because of my agreement with strategyplanet and gamespy to keep the mod's website sponsered. Its part of the deal for unlimited webspace and bandwidth for free. ;)
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