New Star Wars Unit: Sith Master


Dark Lord Of The Sith
Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Muah ha ha. Erm, the Sith Master is done, and ready to fry people with his lightning bolts. This unit was made for the Star Wars mod, but as many people suggested, it would make a good Wizard or Mage or Sorceror or Elementalist or whatever else you want to call it. Enjoy.



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Sweet, that looks nice it wood be a great Wizard for a Fantasy mod.:goodjob:
Yup decent unit! :) Really like a wizard!
Looks great!
Any Civ-specific coloring?
good looking unit, we really needed a wizard. But he's run.flic looks a bit stiff/static. Try to make him walk more fluid like Kinboat's Fanatic (i know this is putting the standard really high)
I was about to point out that this unit has been made...but it's an old post that's been bumped up.
Great unit there, looks just like the evil emperor in the movies! :goodjob: Just a think'n, what's with that stuff flying back after the Sith Lord attacks? :confused: Last time I checked, electricity can't exactly be thrown back (unless my sources are wrong :rolleyes: ), so just what is it?
Okay then, that makes more sense than what I originally thought.:rolleyes:
yes please, because fileplanet just told me the file doesnt even exist and I do have an account with them.

I just tried to download again and it worked this time. THe file does exist.

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