New Star Wars Unit: Squib Priest


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Well finished him up today, and I hope you all enjoy him. I hope that he can also have some use in Fantasy scenarios and the like.



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I wood love to use him, but I have to get a gamespy ID and I don't really want to. could someone put it on the CFC server.:rolleyes:
I ran into the same problem with you Rebel trooper... I think this guy would work great as an Orcish Shaman... If only someone would post it on his server :) Any particular reason you didn't?

Nevermind I just read the reason in that other thread.
Originally posted by dog
I heard that Gamespy installs spyware on your computer, so I really don't want to join. I don't know much about spyware but I don't like the sound of it. :hmm: :nono:

Not sure where you recieved your information from but that does not happen. I've downloaded all the SW units and there has never been anything put on my machine that I did not want there. It just doesn't happen.

BTW tpasmall... great work. Thanks.
Thanks for your compliments and yeah, maybe I'll start posting the units on both CFC and fileplanet for those of you who dont want to be fileplanet members.
cool unit I haven't seen him in the movies though where does he come form?
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