New Surface Book 3 - Need help with Civ VI graphics!


Jul 22, 2007

I just purchased a new Microsoft Surface Book 3 and installed Civ VI. For some reason, everything in the game is extremely small. The text is very hard to read and everything seems so far away...

I am not sure how to adjust the settings to make the game more playable. I don't want to have to strain my eyes every time I want to play.

The SB3 has a dedicated Nvidia graphics card so I really don't think the hardware is the issue. I just need help adjusting the settings correctly.

Can anyone help? Thanks!


Nov 28, 2020
I have SB2 and it has proven a bit of a pill when it comes to actually using the Nvidia card. For scaling in Civ 6, there is an option in the game settings to scale to 200%, that worked for me (using the default 3000x2000 on SB2 at least).

FYI, I noticed that some times when I open the game, it is set to use the integrated graphics, not the Nvidia card. This can be viewed in game settings under the card being used. But if it doesn’t detect the Nvidia card by default, there is no option to change it here. I discovered that if I close Civ 6, disconnect the screen, then reconnect it and reopen Civ 6, I will then see it recognizing the Nvidia card and everything will work. Not sure if they fixed that between SB2 and SB3.
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