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New to Civ 6 and have a couple of issues

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by Mibbleharp Schneider, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. Mibbleharp Schneider

    Mibbleharp Schneider Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2020
    So I bought Civ 6 for my sons' Xbox, this being lockdown time and everything. I'd played earlier versions of Civ years ago, but never really got good at it.

    We've read up a fair bit and watched some tutorial videos on youtube.

    In the first game we played on Prince level, and although the boys survived until one of the AIs won, over the course of the game their civilisation was attacked on four different occasions by a large coalition of other civilisations. They had never attacked anyone else. Why is the AI so hostile?

    They're now playing on Settler level and they're being attacked with tanks in the 1700s? Tanks in the 1700s? On the easiest level? It feels to me like the game is broken.

    So I guess my questions are:
    a) Why would AIs repeatedly gang up on a human player?
    b) Is there a setting that is genuinely for beginners?
    c) What are the most important tips for beginners, to get parity with the AIs on the easiest setting?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. tiamats4esgares

    tiamats4esgares Warlord

    Jul 19, 2013
    Are you playing multiplayer games? The difficulty levels are different in multiplayer.

    If you set yourselves and all the AI to Settler, then THEY get the bonuses from Settler and it's like playing on Prince (the 4th hardest difficulty, which is a level playing field). To get the "true" Settler experience, you should play single-player games.

    Other that, here's some overall advice:

    1. Expand early, before the AI does. Build settlers early and often, if not consistently. Aim for AT LEAST 8 cities. That should be enough to start. I like to expand in multiples of 8's, because luxury resources are distributed that way, but you don't necessarily have to follow that rule. Usually trying to go to 12 cities will make nearby AI's mad and aggressive but on Settler it should be fine. Though, like I said, 8 is probably ok.

    2. Be nice to the AI. This doesn't mean JUST don't declare war on them. Are you trading with you? When they offer you trades, do you accept it? Are you demanding things from them? They don't like it. Did you build a city close to them? If they tell you to stop, do so, ESPECIALLY if you say you will. Did you declare war on a city-state? Try not to do that after the very early game, if you don't want to make the AI mad. It should be obvious what makes them mad or not. Every leader also has 2 agendas, one hidden and one that you can see, and violating that makes them angry as well.

    3. Decide what victory you want to go for, and play a civ that helps you accomplish that goal. While you can go in without a plan in mind, it's not as easy to do things that way and not advised for a new player. Trying to win a Science victory as Gengis Khan or a Religious victory with Kristina is not going to be easy. In my opinion, the order of easiest to hardest victories is Domination > Science >>>>> Religion > Culture > Diplomacy. If you don't like Domination I highly encourage Science as it's by far the easiest peaceful victory.

    Going into a game with no goal in mind and just doing stuff randomly won't win you the game, even on Settler.

    4. Don't build useless stuff. If you're going or Domination victory, don't build a holy site, it's probably not helpful. If you're going for Science, you can probably skip that Theatre district. Etc.

    5. Pay attention to Eurekas and Inspirations, and try to get as many as you can. Stop researching something if you don't have the Eureka/Inspiration yet, and continuing to research will waste science/culture if you get it. Do not assume that it's better to get that tech or civic NOW rather than wait for the Eureka/Inspiration that you'll get in 10 turns, because you're probably wrong. It's a lot to pay attention to, but plan ahead as much as you can and try to keep an eye on these things. You'll get better at it over time.

    Here's how to win each victory:

    Domination: Capture all civilizations' original capital cities. Pretty straightforward. Capital cities have a little white star in a circle icon by their name.

    Science: Launch a satellite, land on Mars, build a Martian colony. This requires researching multiple late-game techs, and building stuff. High science and production is needed for this. Have a few cities focus on production and ALL cities focus on Science as much as they can. Population gives science, too.

    Religion: Have your religion followed by more than 50% of each civilization's cities. You can take out rival religions via religious warfare or ACTUAL warfare. Generating as much faith per turn as you can is key for this victory, but also knowing which civ(s) to pressure is important.

    Culture: Have more visiting tourists from each civilization than they have domestic tourists. Yes, I said this one was hard. Basically, you want more tourism than they have culture. Building as much tourism as possible is important here but Rock Bands, which come from Faith, are very helpful and so you need that as well. More so than any other victory type, great people are very important as well. You're gonna get nowhere without Great Artists, Musicians, and Writers. I'm not even going to begin to help you win this victory; if you want tips, look elsewhere. I highly DON'T recommend you try this.

    Diplomacy: You need 20 diplomatic victory points. Simple, right? Well unless the stars align and you are going for it 100%, you absolutely will not do this before the other civs are capable of voting points AWAY from you -- and they will, whenever you are close to winning (of course). You need diplomatic favor to out-vote them, and you need a LOT of it. Or, you know, just win before that's a thing. Like I said, it's hard to do and requires specific strategies. I know much more about this than I do culture and could give you tips, but it's too much for a new player honestly. I suggest not trying this either.

    Score: Have more points than any other civ at turn 500 -- 2050 AD -- by default. This is the hardest victory in all honesty because it's hard to prevent everyone else or even yourself from winning another way before you can win this way. You basically have to hinder everyone else's science through war, but you're quite likely to accidentally win culture or religion doing this anyway (or someone else might win religion if you're not careful). There's just no point...if you can do enough to win score victory, then you could've already won by science or domination, let alone as I said the ones you'll accidentally win as anyway.

    EDIT: Oh, another tip. If you're going for Domination, don't leave the player winning culture/religion for last. You don't want to let them accidentally win a religious or diplomatic victory because you crippled all their competition for them!
  3. criZp

    criZp Emperor

    Jul 19, 2013
    Nidaros, Norway
    The year that the game displays to you never has made much sense in civ6, what matters is the turn number (together with the game speed, quick/standard/epic etc)

    AIs are more likely to attack you if they don't like you, and you can check this by clicking on the AI leader icon in the top right of the screen (or that's how you do it on pc at least), and then look at the relationship level, and the different factors that influence the relationship.

    If you lose on settler then it comes down to having absolutely no idea what to do in the game and not actually pursuing any type of victory. However you don't really need to care about the victory types, they are all fairly boring, and you can instead play the game just to build your empire and have fun with that.

    Important tips for beginners, as the guy above say, don't forget to build new cities throughout the game. You do this by building settler units in your cities, then move them to unclaimed land and click the settle button.

    Also build some campus districts and theater districts, along with libraries and amphitheaters and the other buildings, to make sure you don't fall behind with scientific and cultural progress.

    Another thing is to build the builder unit, that's the one you use to develop your cities with farms, mines, pastures and more.
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  4. Victoria

    Victoria Regina Supporter

    Apr 11, 2011
    They are playing multiplayer so as @tiamats4esgares said, if you are playing on settler, so is the AI. And this for a noob is a bit like playing on deity.

    @Mibbleharp Schneider
    1. As said expanding early is hugely important and getting to the 50% production for settler card at early empire helps a lot. A good target is to have 10 cities by turn 100.
    2. During the expansion phase concentrate on getting settlers, army, monuments, granaries and things that give you eurekas and inspirations. Do not build many districts too early but do place them as it locks down their cost.
    3. Army is very important even if playing peaceful. No army and civs will attack you. Try and build troops with a 50% discount card and upgrading a warrior to a sword is normally better than building a sword. Being agressive in the game is worth doing. The AI is not very good at fighting. Certainly taking a few cities in the early game when historically everyone used to do it is worth doing.
    4. Once you decide on a victory condition, concentrate on it. Building wonders is often a good example of wasting a lot of production on something that does not help your victory.
    5. Cutting down forests and jungles with workers gives a lot of production, best done once you get to feudalism when workers get more charges.

    going for a cultural victory is not hard, just build a lot of things that give tourism and building theaters is part of this.
  5. Mibbleharp Schneider

    Mibbleharp Schneider Chieftain

    Apr 26, 2020
    Thank you so much everyone for your detailed responses! We will take a close look at them and see how we can use it all.

    I think the major surprise for me has been the hostility of the AIs. I kind of assumed for the most part that if you don't bother them, most of the time they won't bother you. However, it seems like unless you actively massage them diplomatically, at some point they'll all turn against you. My sons have concluded that since the AIs appear to be hostile anyway, they might as well start aggressive. They seem to be doing a lot better this way. I thought Civilization was more nuanced than this! :D

    I think the boys also need to learn to manage their cities better, and I guess that will come with time.
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  6. DrCron

    DrCron Prince

    Dec 25, 2012
    Are they building units? Even on settler difficulty, if you don't have a proper army at some point they may attack you simply because you are weak. Especially in the early game (they should become less agressive later on). Check the modifiers on the diplomacy screen to see why they hate you, that should give you a tip about what to do to avoid wars.
  7. meatball20

    meatball20 rockhound

    Aug 15, 2011
    First you paid to much for an unfinished and unreleased product. You pay for animation not gameplay stick to civ5 with mods and even civ4 with c2c
  8. Fluphen Azine

    Fluphen Azine What is Fluphen Azine?

    Jan 27, 2013
    Las Vegas
    It's only money.
    Nothing else to spend it on right now.
  9. Zeno Baroda

    Zeno Baroda Chieftain

    May 18, 2020
    Penang, MALAYSIA
    Hi Mibbleharp Schneider.
    Somehow I felt sorry for your experience. What a way to go when you have just returned to a favourite game after so long.

    I will share my post earlier on another thread about a casual but important topic ( Warriors vs. scouts vs. slingers discussion.)
    Hope it helps. If it does just let me know. Celebrate when you have your first victory.

    Lucky scenario opportunity

    The land around my city and the path to the neighbouring city is flat or has less travel obstructions. So my units can move faster.

    I decided to capture a city state quickly instead of building a second city. Its faster than investing in turns for a settler.
    So every production turn churns out a slinger for me. This is also an insurance in case of early raids by neighbour civs ( Persians and Aztecs are notorious )
    Either a warrior or a slinger locates a city state or another civ for that matter.
    All slingers home in to the target
    Choose 'Faith & Yield' when Policy cards are revealed. The gold will help to upgrade the slingers.
    Now I have 5 slingers and a warrior surrounding my target. Wait until they queue up along the targets border. Do not enter as when declaring war is chosen, they get flung out. Move your warrior away from the scene. If they are wiped out you cannot take the city eventually ( how many times has that happened to stupid me ...).
    Choose Archery when it comes up for research
    Hit them ! After some turns, before your slingers hurl, check, ... if upgrades are available choose that over an attack action. When target defence turns yellow, your chances are good. Keep your next slinger within the borders of your first city.

    If your targets defence turns red, return a slinger back to your home city and keep the attack ongoing with the others.
    By now you should have Archery researched. Upgrade your waiting slinger and move out. Continue moving back the returning initial slinger.
    If your slingers surround the target completely and their defence remains weak ( no opposing reaction occurs ), ensure that a slinger moves out to clear a path for your warrior, even if it means losing a turn for that slinger. Ensure that your warrior has maximum strength and they are not healing.

    You may take the city as it is or in some cases your Archer will arrive to lend support.
    Nice thing about this is when taken, you now have a lot of upgrade-ready slingers to become archers. Hence the reason for your Policy-card choice earlier.
    With a bunch of archers you can now move towards the next city state or civ state and take that too. And the next one too. You now have three or four cities without having to produce a settler
    If the next city presents a problem with their stronger-researched units, retreat and make peace. You've probably taken their capital already. Wait for ten turns until you've researched Machinery. Upgrade all your Archers to Crossbowmen and hit them again. Keep all of them as late as possible and then upgrade them again after Ballistics to Field Cannon. Then start your marauding again or at least you have a very good defence by then.
    A slight variation : When your slingers are busy bombarding, extend your city border by purchasing one tile towards the target. Save the gold for later upgrades. Returning slingers will have less ground to cover to receive the upgrade during mid-attack.

    Again, this is a lucky scenario.

    Most times the situation may be more challenging.

    On level 5 and below, this has worked well for me. Sometimes an entire civ gets taken out with just my archers. Research Wheel and get a Heavy chariot soonest. The only unit to take your third or fourth city is that only warrior. The AI will always go for them when they have a chance. Chariots will move faster too.

    On level 6 the AI gives a f ****** g boost to your opponents. Warriors and Spearmen will spawn often even when their defence is below red !!

    Overall my experience for these scenario for level 5 and below gets 85 % success
    Level 6 is a whole new ball game with only perhaps 50 % joy.

    Unlucky scenarios

    All your slingers are out to the target city which is quite a long way away and your home capital is attacked.
    The path to your target city is hindered by rivers hills and forests.
    The target city capital is located in a spot surrounded by hills and water and there's only a one-tile access to it and your slingers can't hurl more than one tile.
    Your warriors are all killed during mid-attack and producing another takes a long time.
    Other civ units suddenly appear around the target city and hinder your slingers paths.
    On GS, disaster wipes out your units or your only home.
  10. Pualee

    Pualee Chieftain

    May 15, 2020
    a) There is a screen that reveals the AI agenda. The AI are programmed to that agenda, so check the screen and work towards it to stay friends. Some AI are more aggressive than others. For instance, if you are beside Montezuma, just make sure to share your 'luxury items' with him via trades. If you are near the Dutch (GS), send a trade route. If by Norway, make a few boats. That same interface will suggest ways to improve your relationship with the AI. Make sure you have positive modifiers and you are good. It becomes easy later. I play hotseat with my kids, and I have a 5 year old that manipulates the AI into friendship every time. It becomes intuitive.

    There are also a few general guidelines to stay friends with anyone that you can apply too, but the AI agenda is the biggest.

    b) I'd never play less than prince. You will develop bad habits below that level. Just keep playing, prince will become very easy and you'll want to move up in difficulty.

    c) When you see people argue over strategy and build orders, don't take it as truth, but as suggestions. Even in this thread, I see advice that I think is counter productive. I could give a counterpoint, but it is my playstyle, not absolute. Different people have different playstyles, and the random map, difficulty settings, map type, desired win condition, build vs warmonger, etc all affect what works. Try them out and see for yourself what is fun.

    My first 'civ' game was Alpha Centauri (I still miss parts of that game). Back then we didn't scour the internet for how to win, we just experienced the game. I remember the first time I crushed it on 'Transcend' - the hardest level. I remember discovering that I really liked playing certain characters and strategies. The excitement of discovery was real, because nobody simplified the game into a cookie cutter strategy. I got a lot more hours out of my own discovery process.
  11. Zeno Baroda

    Zeno Baroda Chieftain

    May 18, 2020
    Penang, MALAYSIA
    Hear, hear ...♫♫. those were the days my friend ..♫♫

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