New to Civ3 and Wondering...


Jan 31, 2002
I have played the Civ series since it first began. I finally bought Civ3 this week (I'm poor). Being new to Civ3, I have a couple questions/gripes. Someone, please try to help me.

1. Why can't you select your civ architecture style? E.G. in Civ2 you could select Middle Eastern, Greek, etc to represent your cities. Is this possible in Civ3?

2. Why can't you select to play on Earth when you make a new game? You have to Load Scenario and select it, and this is tedious to me.

3. Is there an option to enable Civs to start out on an Earth map in the places where they are found today? E.G. in Civ2, the Americans start in N.America, Zulus in Africa, etc.

4. Is it just me or does the editor really suck? Civ2 editor has much more options. It is so tedious to make a map square by square, and you can't select Civ specific starting locations.

Thanks for your time,
1. You CAN select the style of architecture for your palace. I know that's a small consolation, I really miss the different looking towns.

2. ask Sid

3. There is a way to do it, I think it's a patch or mod that you can download on this website. You should do a search for it. I remember seeing a thread that solved this problem.

4. I haven't tried the edtior so I have no input on the subject.
Download Marla's World Map!!!
It is the best I've seen, and is much more closer to the real world than the default world map. There are instructions within the download to move all the Civs to their 'original' starting locations. I think by clicking on the downloads section of this forum and then searching for "Marla World Map" you should be able to find it.
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