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New to Civ4


Sep 15, 2007
I DL'ed civ 4 a year or so back, and was completely turned off by it, like i was when i first started playing civ3. I will def give it another chance. Should I get any and or all expansion packs? And patches? Basicly, what should I get? Thanks guys...
I certainly hope by "downloaded" you mean off of D2D or Steam.

But yes, I would recommend getting:

1) Civ IV, of course

2) Beyond the Sword expansion (Warlords not necessary)

3) All the patches, of course

Solver's unofficial patch is awesome, but will be obsolete when the official patch comes this week.
of course... i am all for supporting a game like this... glorious! Ok, beyond the swords... and patches... thanks.
No need to get Warlords if you're planning on buying BtS instead, and you should.
Why not just buy Civ IV Vanilla, if you're not sure if you like it or not? No point in wasting money, get BtS if you enjoy it.
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