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    Welcome to the FFH Subforum.
    Fall from Heaven is a fantasy mod for Civilization 4 :Beyond the Sword whose development ran from 2006 to 2009.

    -If you're looking to download the original mod, see here : Note that since it isn't developped anymore, no additional bugfix will be provided. If you're looking for bugfixes, see the modmod section.

    -If you're looking for information about Fall from Heaven : Age of Ice, the official Scenario based on the mod distributed with Beyond the Sword, see here :

    Fall from Heaven was a very popular mod and inspired others to create content for it. Several modmods were developed and a few are still active to this day. Here is the list of the active modmods :

    -More Naval AI : as its name indicates, it was first started as an improvement to FFH's naval AI and evolved into a large mod including AI reworks, balancing and bugfixes. It is probably the closest to the original mod amongst the active modmods. For more information, see here :
    It's currently on hold, but an official update is maintained here :

    More Naval AI also serves as a base for two modmodmods who are also still active :

    -- ExtraModMod which focuses on balancing mechanics and adding new options while keeping stability and multiplayer balance as much as possible. For more info see here:
    It's currently on hold, but an official update is maintained here :

    --MagisterModMod which focuses on bringing the full majesty of FFH's Lore into the game. For more info, see here :

    -Erebus in the Balance, a mod focused on multiplayer balance. For more info, see here :

    -Master of Mana Extended, which is a follow-up to Wildmana and Master of Mana, a mod of Fall From Heaven that reworked most of the game mechanics (especially magic) into a more complex and strategic game. For more info, see here :

    -Ashes of Erebus, a follow-up to Fall Further and Rise from Erebus is a modmod who tries to fullfil some of the concepts introduced in those two modmods by fixing issues and implementing missing mechanics. It also supports the totality of additions made by the two mods, so expect some new civilizations and mechanics compared to vanilla Fall From Heaven. For more info, see here :

    There are occasionally other modmods released and worked on, so don't hesistate to go to the modmod subforum and look at them :
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