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Feb 23, 2001
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Part I1863

Sid: Welcome back Civ fans to the second round of the Civ World Cup. I’m your play-by-play announcer Sid Meier, and we have an exciting match in store for you. IF you recall, the first round was all United Fanatica – those projectile sports playing and at times projectile vomiting young batch of civvers. It was the lackluster German team that lost out the most – all of their cities, in fact, as they now belong to the Fanatics. Who will be able to stop this juggernaut? With my previous color commentator, God, now out and about answering some prayers, my new sidekick is none another than Satan
Satan: Please to me you. Hope you get my name.
Sid: Well Satan, what can you tell me about this Fanatica team and the competition it now faces.
Satan: Well, Sid, if I didn’t know any better, I would think that these Fanatics had made a deal with ME. Right now, the only civilizations still left on this map are the Mongols, the Romans, the Zulus, and the English.
Sid: And how does each of these look to fare?
Satan: The Mongols are a non-issue. With five or so cities and a weak-minded leader in Genghis, I’d say they are about done. I think we’ll see Fanatica bust them down to a single city and do something I enjoy: toy with them like a cat with a wounded mouse.
Sid: Conjures up a lovely image there, Satan. What of the Romans?
Satan: Livia has been providing technology for the rest of the world for a while now. With a decent force ready to move, the Fanatics will concentrate on this civ in the coming years. There should be plenty of death and destruction here. Mwahahahaha.
Sid: Yes, I’m sure we’ll all enjoy that. The English are looking like a decent foe for the Fanatics, aren’t they?
Satan: Yeah, they have a decent amount of cities and have put together some cash reserves while in their lousy, religious Fundamentalist government. I think that President Kev will play some defense with the tea-drinkers and concentrate on the Romans and toying with the Mongols. Rest assured, as more machines of death [i.e. howitzers] come into the picture, when the Fanatics want to crush the English, they will with very little resistance.
Sid: And that would leave the Zulus.
Satan: Yeah, Shaka really has his troops ready to go. Sid, the world ain’t exactly awash in green if you know what I’m sayin’. I mean it was just a few turns ago that they got electricity. If it weren’t for the other civs GIVING them technology, they’d still be riding elephants instead of only just having sex with them like they do now.
Sid: Yes, a very colorful commentary indeed. I see that we are ready to begin, so let’s see where the game takes us…


Sid: With some new orders, it would seem that President Kev is attempting some micromanaging and rush building.
Satan: Smart move, though it was never that goody-goody Kev’s strong point. He’s picked up some additional advisors who seem to have some brains. Should make the devastation of the other civilizations all the more complete.
Sid: Speaking of which, it would seem that the Fanatica Senate is going to allow a sneak attack at the Mongol city of Shangtu.
Satan: With four howitzers, these last few Mongols cities should fold quicker than a virgin playing strip poker.
Sid: So it would seem. Shangtu falls to the Fanatics and they receive 235 gold along with a marketplace improvement. And what’s this? The war is allowed to continue.
Satan: A bold move to ignore that whipping boy of theirs, Genghis. They can now clean up the partisans and keep an eye on the next city that they have so nicely connected with rails.
Sid: With some spies, I know that there were thoughts of bribing these cities, but with the new capital at nearby Kazan, they were quite pricey.
Satan: And would cause less destruction and chaos as well! Anyway, a single bribed partisan can now guard the newly acquired city, and Kev can look to put the money elsewhere.
Sid: Yes, there has been a lot of work going into aqueducts, harbors, sewers, and the like.
Satan: It drives me NUTS, but Fanatica is so happy I wanna PUKE. I guess they are trying to make sure there’s enough room for all those “cute widdle babies” or something. Yuck.
Sid: Well, here’s something that should make you feel better. The UFS Marlbrough has left Kabul and is now heading toward Roman territory.
Satan: Yes. The Fanatica navy has sent many ships to their graves, and not a single ship has been lost.
Sid: To put the exclamation on that, the UFS Dell sinks a Roman sub, but needs to find a place for repairs.
Satan: FUN. It should make it to Lutetia without much ado, but I’d like to see the Romans try something. At least make it interesting.
Sid: Something interesting indeed as a Fanatica transport is now heading toward Roman territories and it looks stocked.
Satan: Fun in a jar right there. It has 6 howies, a spy and marines. Looks like a foothold is about to be established – and there’s more in Lugdunum waiting to join in as well.
Sid: Well, in other news, UF spies have spotted the Mongol target… I mean CITY… of Kerman. Another spy leaves in a transport to find Mongol cities that are not on the map as of yet.
Satan: It’s like an Easter egg hunt of death. And I’m not very sorry for the sacrilege.
Sid: The counters by the civs involved look rather weak.
Satan: Yes, the English finally realize that gravity is keeping them on the planet and they then overthrow their government. Always happens to those Fundy governments once science and technology get involved.
Sid: Well, the Romans look aggressive at least.
Satan: So does a dog when it chases a moving car. I mean, how dopey can they be? They have sent a cruiser at the UFS Dell and it died. They then think it a very good idea to attack the Dell with a WOODEN frigate. Guess what. DEAD. They send an ironclad at the city of Becka-Becka which they KNOW has a coastal fortress. DEAD. The only thing they get done is killing some engineers near Lutetia with a destroyer. This just makes that ship a target. Oh well, at least I got to say DEAD a lot.


Sid: The building phase of this year is huge.
Satan: Yup. That rush building has produced many an item for Fanatica.
Sid: Well, here we go.
Bokhara = aqueduct and starts sewer
Nanking = harbor and starts sewer
Gloucester = engineers and starts temple
Renmark = market and starts aqueduct
St. Leowind = oil and starts aqueduct
Spice Haven = aqueduct and starts sewer
Becka-Becka = sewer and starts bank
Kevholm = sewer and starts bank
Koningsberg = mass transit and starts howitzer
Hamburg = sewer and starts temple
Lutetia = temple and starts engineers
Dukeshire = market and starts sewer
Xinjian = aqueduct and starts market
Lugdunum = market and starts harbor
Heidelberg = sewer and bank
Unknown City = sewer and starts harbor
Munich = sewer and starts temple
Spycatcher = collosseum and starts a port facility
Dreadtown = Manufacturing plant and starts stock exchange
Olympia = collosseum and starts supermarket
Karakorum = temple and starts harbor.
Satan: Is that enough for you? Wow. And in Karakorum a defender pops in from Nishapur. It should be safe now. Let’s get to war!
Sid: No need to delay, the transport has arrived at Veii and the howitzers are ready for action.
Satan: Three defenders in Veii. With the howitzers, they die quicker than mosquitoes in a bug zapper – and just as brutally I might add. To make things extra nice, the Dell sinks the nearby Roman destroyer.
Sid: Yes, I thought you WOULD add that. The Fanatics get172 gold, a market, and an aqueduct. And YES, they are given the mandate for further peacekeeping.
Satan: Clean-up time. The transport lands with defense for the city (marines), defense against tech stealing (spy), and some extra howies to “remove” the partisans that have appeared. Quite the frothy spectacle.
Sid: Yes, you could describe it that way. And it would seem that Kerman, the Mongol city, is now on the chopping block as well.
Satan: Yeah. With some spies to make a chain in front of some Mongol units, the city falls without much of a fight. Sort of like a drunk sorority girl.
Sid: The fanatics receive 165 gold for their efforts along with another market. Boy, those marketplaces are tough stuff – they survive a lot of warfare.
Satan: And a few bribes means instant defense and a look toward Kazan. Look, the spies have spotted the city of Quinsay on some swamp-infested island to the south. That should be buyable once Kazan falls. The only city left to find is the oddly-named Mongol city of Naples. Should be around there somewhere, and it has a nice pet name, methinks.
Sid: We shall indeed see. The response from the world at large is … NOTHING. The English are now a republic, but that hardly matters. The Inner Circle takes great pains to insure that the new “recruits” are shown the way of things in Fanatica.
Satan: Such fun when the Inner Circle indulges. I see that Dexter is quite the chugger and has been timed at nearly 45 seconds at the keg tap. Anarchy has been giving everyone head butts, but is now so toasted that he is banging his head against a marble statue. We’ll see who wins that duel.
Sid: Hmm… I see that Starlifter has been micromanaging some mixed drinks. He is taking great delight in these mixtures, and it would seem that these are deadly concoctions indeed. Forced to drink one of his own, he has now joined duke o’ york on a mooning spree across Olympia.
Satan: Ahh, such debauchery does my heart good.
Sid: Will they be prepared for 1865?


Sid: A smaller building phase nets the following:
Leeds = temple and starts aqueduct
Cambridge = market and starts aqueduct
Aleppo = sewer and starts freight
Athenae = stock exchange and starts superhighways
Mpondo = engineers and starts bank
Kabul = aqueduct and starts harbor
Cornmaster = bank and starts harbor
Hippoville = coal and starts superhighways
Leipzig = oil and starts stock exchange
Sid: A bit of Mongol cleanup it would seem with some howitzers getting rest as well.
Satan: Well, Kazan is not connected by roads, so there will have to be some healthy howitzers to attack. It will happen soon, you can bet on it.
Sid: Around the pitch, The UFS Dell makes it safely to Lutetia and starts repairs as the UFS Marlbrough enters Roman waters nearby. What of the rest of the navy, Satan?
Satan: The Ren and the York are languishing in Cambridge right now. They are making forays into nearby waters but always return. There’s no need to have these ships out causing unhappiness so the sailors are taking advantage of the easy women purported to be in Cambridge.
Sid: And the UFS Spice?
Satan: That cruiser is hanging out in Khanbalyk. The former Mongol women are not very attractive there, so they are taking the time for extra target practice on wandering partisans. They are trying to stay within a city as well to allay the crybaby democratic citizens.
Sid: All well and good, and it looks like a new city has been built.
Satan: Yeah, I thought Kev would do this. Viroconim Island has lots of open area and should be easy to colonize. Dexterport will likely be the first of three or four cities here. Makes sense, I guess, but I hate all of those happy faces.
Sid: I know you’ll like this: the Roman campaign is back in gear.
Satan: Excellent. Our sources are calling this campaign by the Fanatics “Operation Italian Ice”. It looks like Neapolis is the next victim, and the city opens it its gates faster than hell after a mob hit.
Sid: The Fanatics get 242 gold and a city with city walls, a coastal fortress, bank, and colosseum. However, a cease fire is gained by the Romans.
Satan: A mere delay. It just gives Kev a chance to solidify his position. It looks like Rome is to be the next target.
Sid: And sure enough, no counter-attack by the Romans. An English destroyer is seen outside of Oh’s Well, but that should not be a problem.
Satan: Hey, check out the Mongol units south of Kerman. Dollars to donuts that you’ll find Naples there.
Sid: Perhaps we’ll see in 1866.


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Feb 23, 2001
Ringwood, NJ USA

Sid: So much building –
Gloucester = temple and starts market
Brundisium = market and starts engineers
Pellaken Bay = hides and starts sewer
Marl Downs = sewer and starts bank
Ormuz = sewer and starts bank
Brighton = Aqueduct and starts engineers
Joespaniel = mass transit and starts stock exchange
Tabriz = sewer and starts factory
Samarkand = engineers and starts aqueduct
Renmark = aqueduct and starts harbor
St. Leowind = aqueduct and starts sewer
Thunder Falls = spice and starts sewer
Basra = harbor and starts aqueduct
Leeds = aqueduct and starts sewer
Oxford = market and starts aqueduct
Viroconium = aqueduct and starts harbor
Potopolia = harbor and starts freight
The Holy Duck Pond = beads and starts mass transit

Sid: Lots of setting up here as peace is made with Rome and some extra Mongol units are removed while others still rest.
Satan: Kazan has only two defenders, but with no road Kev will need at least 3 fully functioning howitzers. Expect it to go very soon, though.
Sid: And the city of Naples can be seen as well.
Satan: Can’t wait to see if the Fanatics change the name of this city. I’d like it to be “The Genghis Pen” or something like that.
Sid: The only response from other civs is an English attack on Oh’s Well with a destroyer.
Satan: Fools. Just made the defender there a veteran mech infantry. Dopey crumpet stuffers.
Sid: Perhaps we’ll see more in 1867…


Sid: Sigh. Here’s the building stuff:
Canbridge = aqueduct and starts sewer
Dukeshire = sewer and starts engineers
Unknown City = harbor and starts freight
Munich = temple and starts mass transit
Fort Pornstar = manufacturing plant and starts a battleship
Beijing = Manufacturing plant and starts a howitzer
Khorasan = aqueduct and starts engineers
Dellville = bank and starts freight
Dover = sewer and starts bank
Cornmaster = harbor and starts stock exchange
Spycatcher = port facility and starts a battleship
Nanking = sewer and starts engineers
Olympia = supermarket and starts a stock exchange
Satan: All of this happiness and growth is making me ill. Can we get into some wars?
Sid: Soon, I’m sure. Some reinforcements are delivered to Neapolis, including some cavalry, alpine troops for defense, and some extra howitzers. Even more could be there soon.
Satan: The beginning of the end. I see that Kev is doing something very clever. With all roads leading to Rome and NONE of them with rails on them, he is stacking all of his howitzers in a fort near Neapolis. Now, instead of four movements, the howitzers can be at Rome’s doorstep in two or three. An alpine troop and two cavalry units round out the fort as well.
Sid: The Romans are indeed quaking, and so are the Mongols, though Kev is still waiting for the right time to take the Mongol capital.
Satan: 1868 should be a VERY interesting year. The UFS Marlbrough is approaching Rome as well. Cool.
Sid: Even more so as the Romans sneak attack the fort. Two cavalry are repelled.
Satan: Ohhh! 1868! 1868! 1868!!


Sid: More building
Satan: War?
Sid: After the building report:
Isle of Shannon = temple and starts harbor
Elibbia = aqueduct and starts market
Khanbalyk = engineers and starts aqueduct
Tsingtao = sewer and starts factory
Bokhara = harbor and starts sewer
Potopolia = cloth and starts mass transit
Thunder Falls = sewer and starts bank
Xinjian = market and starts sewer
Oxford = aqueduct and starts engineers
Sixchan = mass transit and starts superhighways
Hamburg = temple and starts factory
Satan: So let’s get these two wars on right about now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sid: Sure enough, the Mongols go down first.
Satan: We all know women like this. Gotta love ‘em.
Sid: A clever move to make use of the new Fanatic engineer.
Satan: Yes it was. With a road to Kazan, the howitzers have no problem taking the city.
Sid: It nets the Fanatics 175 gold along with a market and aqueduct.
Satan: And, NO capital for the Mongols. Looks like Quinsay is going to be bought outright.
Sid: Yes, further action against the Mongols leads to the purchase of Quinsay for 537 gold. The Fanatics get 333 gold back, a city with a market, 2 defenders and a cavalry unit as well. Looks like the Fanatics’ “Operation Overhorde” has finally come to a successful conclusion.
Satan: That’ll do it. Unfortunately, peace breaks out and Kev will have to wait to clean up the partisans.
Sid: But Kev has other deals going on.
Satan: Yes, the city of Rome needs to perish.
Sid: Looks like a quick naval attack first.
Satan: The Marlbrough has pummeled a nearby cavalry unit and kills a partisan inside the city as well. The Dell is still being fixed, but Eleven howitzers await the call on land – with more arriving in Neapolis as we speak (and more defenders too).
Sid: It does not look good for Rome, and with merely three defenders left, it falls to the Fanatics.
Satan: A fruitful city. The Pyramids are still in working order, and the archaeologists have found traces of a Lighthouse, an ancient Embassy, and a statue commemorating some strange crusade long ago forgotten.
Sid: Rome pays off with 254 gold as well – though peace is declared again.
Satan: Too bad. There are some cities in disorder and if they were still at war, Kev could buy these cities for a good price. He’ll just have to goad them a bit.
Sid: And with good reason. With one last attempt to peeve the Fanatics, the Romans give the gift of automobile to the Mongols, Zulus and English.
Satan: Kev’s gotta be steamed. Now he has to worry about English and Zulu battleships swimming around. Makes no difference with the Mongols unless they would like to build a battleship in their nearby lake – the city of Naples is effectively landlocked.
Sid: A sneak attack by the Mongols can’t make Kev happy either. Kazan is now down to size 1.
Satan: Who knows, maybe disbanding the city to make a 4-special city will be done. In any case, it gives Kev the ability to clean up the straggling Mongols in 1869.


Sid: No too much built now
St. Leowind = sewer and starts bank
Spice Haven = sewer and starts factory
Dukeshire = engineers and starts harbor
Kaskgar = sewer and starts factory
Sid: Even with some Roman cities in disorder, it would seem that the cost to subvert is too prohibitive.
Satan: Well, the city of Pisae is cheaper than Thunderbird Wine. It subverts for 260 gold and gives back 75 of it.
Sid: Peace with the English is established, and English forces near Leeds promise to retreat.
Satan: Yeah, we’ll see if THAT happens.
Sid: The Mongols attack Quinsay and die all over the place. That should really be about it.
Satan: Kev’ll clean up what’s left. Now he has some barbarians traveling toward Kazan from the Northeast. Buy ‘em or Kill ‘em. We’ll see.
Sid: Oh dear, the English sneak attack at Leeds and kill a rifle brigade.
Satan: Not very smart. They won’t last long doing that stuff.


Port Sid = temple and starts a market
Cambridge = sewer and starts bank
Lutetia = engineers and starts aqueduct
Lugdunum = harbor and starts sewer
Viroconium = harbor and starts sewer
Renmark = harbor and starts sewer
Pellaken Bay = sewer and starts bank
Leeds = sewer and starts harbor
Brighton = engineers and starts sewer
Nanking = engineers and starts factory
Veii = temple and starts sewer

Sid: With 0% of monies in science, the Fanatics still discover Flight in this year.
Satan: The Colossus is now defunct, and Radio is the next on the list. Fanatica may soon stop celebrating and go for the stars.
Sid: And with some goading about moving troops, the Romans once again declare war on United Fanatica.
Satan: Crush! Kill! Destroy!
Sid: Antium is the next target, and it’s an important city.
Satan: Yes it is – it is strategically located and provides a blocking city for the Fanatics. A coastal fortress is here, which will certainly mean a fun-filled land attack.
Sid: You are right.
Satan: See, you don’t need to be OMNICIENT like some blowhard we all know.
Sid: The city of Antium falls and gives the Fanatics 252 gold and peace is declared right away.
Satan: I’m surprised. Given the sneak attacks the Romans have done, I would have thought that the Senate would have given the OK to kill more. Hey, I like sneak attacks, but the goody two-shoes Senate usually doesn’t.
Sid: Seems like some action is also going on in English lands as well.
Satan: Fun to be had. Fanatic units kill English marines and cannons near Leeds and then head to Reading. A spy buys the city in whole for 992 gold. A pretty decent bargain and they get back 172 gold and a decent city. What’s more, the annoying gnat-like attacks on Dover Continent should soon be a thing of the past.
Sid: Some partisans appear and peace is declared in the region.
Satan: Until war comes to town. But what’s puzzlin’ you, it’s the NATURE of my game.
Sid: And here’s a new development. Kev has adjusted the tax slider to stop the nation from celebrating.
Satan: I can see this. Their SSC has maxed out and the Fanatics are looking to get some space technology. I’m sure they’ll celebrate again later on. Now they can concentrate on tech and production.
Sid: The mix is 40% tax, 30% science and 30% luxuries. How’s that look to you?
Satan: Well, it’s logical. Kev would need 60% science to have a tech every turn. It would mean taking a loss in cash or having to bring entertainers into some cities. At 30%, techs are discovered every 2 turns and a profit of 1,130 gold is seen. Also, 30% luxuries means ZERO entertainers needed.
Sid: I’m sure the Inner Circle will vote on this, but for the next few turns this is where we’ll be.
Satan: Yes, and hopefully with more war.
Sid: Looks like you’ll have that. The Romans sneak attack twice at Antium and die both times and the English sneak attack at Reading and die as well.
Satan: Looks like war for 1871.


Becka-Becka = bank and starts superhighways
Kevholm = bank and starts superhighways
Kabul = harbor and starts engineers
Munich = Mass transit and starts barracks
Aleppo = gems and starts bank
Dukeshire = harbor and starts freight
Dellville = gold and starts factory
Joespaniel = stock exchange and starts superhighways
Frankfurt = stock exchange and starts temple

Sid: Spies check out some Roman cities for Fanatica.
Satan: Yup. Cumae would cost 1,952 gold to revolt and it would seem Kev will have to take it by force. Ravenna has no coastal fortress, so the Marlbrough and the newly-fixed Dell head there.
Sid: Pompeii will revolt for 952 gold, and it looks like Kev will buy it out.
Satan: Not a bad idea. Kev gets the Statue of Liberty here along with city walls, a market, a barracks, an aqueduct, and a colosseum. Not only that, but 2 alpine troops, 1 partisan, 1 rifleman, and engineers. Not to mention the 258 gold. It gives the Fanatics a firm grip on the new wonder and extra units to spread around.
Sid: Perhaps some more buying?
Satan: Again, it looks to be so. The city of Hispalis goes for 848 gold and gives back 206. It has nice improvements and plenty of defenders as well.
Sid: Now it looks like an attack is on the way.
Satan: Here’s the fun. Cumae shrinks faster than certain body parts in cold water. The city is now in the hands of the Fanatics and gives back 191 gold.
Sid: And requests for peace are going unheard.
Satan: Nothing will stop the Fanatics now, and Kev wisely uses some time and energy to clear the partisans from around these new cities. Even new arrivals is Hispalis help out. Ravenna can wait for the Fanatic navy.
Sid: With the celebrations stopped, trading now commences. Oil to Munich from Joespaniel gives the Fanatic team 355.
Satan: The rich are getting richer, and with many more freight out there I can see where this will be going. I like that the York and the Ren are now exploring English waters a bit. Should see some action there.
Sid: Other than an uprising near Kazan, nothing else happens.
Satan: The Inner Circle are carousing through the streets of Rome in celebration. Seems Sambuca has been discovered.
Sid: And this will take us to 1872


Addicta = temple and starts market
Quinsay = harbor and starts engineers
Unknown City = gold and starts bank
Nishapur = aqueduct and starts factory
Karakorum = harbor and starts factory
From the port facility in Spycatcher rolls the UFS Leowind
Olympia = stock exchange and starts airport

Sid: Speaking of airport, the Fanatics have discovered radio and have started advanced flight.
Satan: Mmmmm…. Bombers. Though that fairy goodboy Kev probably won’t build any because of happiness. Sissy.
Sid: The Marlbrough and the Dell attack Ravenna. Why?
Satan: Easy enough. The city was originally priced at 1,168 gold. Now that the Marlbrough killed 2 alpine troops and a rifle while the Dell killed the last defending unit (also a rifle) the city will now cost 584.
Sid: And now we must call a halt for now. What will Fanatica do? Tune in next time and maybe you’ll find out.
Satan: As a quick post game, I now have the new governor of Triton Province for United Fanatica, Starlifter.
Starlifter: Um, hi Lucifer
Satan: Please, call me Satan. You must be enjoying all of the destruction that you are bringing upon the masses.
Starlifter: Well, I’m just out there to do the best job I can do. I have to take it day by day and God willing we’ll do our best.
Satan: Please don’t bring Him into it, OK? Anyway, what was this about the chaos and killing?
Starlifter: We don’t actually LIKE the killing, but it is sometimes necessary in order to bring a greater good to the world at large.
Satan: Of course, of course. But the destruction and bombing is fun, right?
Starlifter: Well, no. I do like the fact that we are freeing people from terrible rulers like the smelly Genghis and that slut, Livia.
Satan: And there you have it folks, a man who likes to kill and then go moon people while he’s drunk.
Starlifter: Hey, not the former – but maybe the latter a bit….
Sid: And that will FINALLY do it from the Civ World Cup round two. With a single Mongol city left and two Roman cities, it would seem that United Fanatica will indeed advance. We’ll catch you next time.

From the UN:

Romans = Republic with 613 gold, 64 techs, and 2 cities. Researching mass production.
Mongols = Fundy with 432 gold, 64 techs, and 1 city. Researching machine tools.
English = Republic with 2,229 gold, 64 techs and 16 cities. Researching flight.
Zulus = Fundy with 2,309 gold, 63 techs and 6 cities. Researching espionage.
United Fanatica = Democracy with 2,393 gold, 78 techs, and 76 cities. Researching advanced flight.


Hired Goon
Feb 23, 2001
Ringwood, NJ USA
And here is the save game.

I took some liberties, as I mentioned, with building queues while celebrating. I tried to stay right on, but wanted to get some specific "growth and happiness" things built as well.

Assuming that we stay out of celebrations for a while, I'll go by the letter of the governors' decisions.

Looks like we can have a full cabinet, so hopefully we'll have building updates for all (or at least most) cities.



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Dec 5, 2000
Well the game is truely ours now and no other empire is going to gives us any problems...


Nov 20, 2001
Loved the story (again), Kev. All turned out good, almost too good to be true. ;)
Anyway, it won't take long to crush the Romans, then take one or two turn to crush the English and very soon after that the Zulus are history and we're on our way to AC! :)


Nov 13, 2000
Eugene, OR, USA
Finally had time to get through your write-up. Great as always :D

Too bad I'm going on vacation just as the UFS Leowind takes to the waters :( I'll expect a good report from her captain as soon as I return :)
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