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Jul 25, 2002
The Atlas missile, for those who need a counter to the R-7 ;) Now Lincoln, too, has some toys to play with :nuke:

The preview thread

Awaiting your feedback and open to requests.


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A preview (this is only some of the animation, to keep the size down):

There are some things I'm unhappy with, such as the speed at which the strap-ons detach. I would have liked to have more frames available for that part of the animation, or to have them played slower. However, the rocket flies up in these frames, so if I had added any more, the animation's dimensions would be out of control. I could not slow it down, either, because after about 3 seconds (or 3000 time, whatever that means), the game automatically plays the next (trail) animation. If I had increased the number of frames without increasing time, the animation would grow beyond the already-huge number of 43 frames in one direction. Oh well. The next missile to include such motion will have some pretty original solutions to these problems :p


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-snatches first post-

Great unit, once again. I'm not much of a Cold War expert, and thats what I'm studying now, Cold War era stuff. Anyways, I am pretty much knowledgeless with against post WWII, that means nukes. Would this be a Tactical Nuke, or an IBCM? This is the American equivelant of the Russian R-7 right?
Yeah, this missile is the American parallel to the R-7. And yes, it was/is an ICBM as you have discovered ;)

BTW I just read somewhere that modern Atlas-based launch vehicles are often launched with Russian-made engines... that's backwards :p
On the subject of parallels: "At Convair the project was known [as] the Model 7 (in Russia, Korolev was working on the competing R-7 ICBM - evidently both sides wanted to use the lucky number" (

Some of this stuff is pretty interesting to read.

EDIT: Cross post; ICBMs have no stats, just take the stats from the default ICBM and make them this unit's stats. Then remove America from the list of civs for the default ICBM and make America the only civ that can build the Atlas ICBM.

EDIT2: I think Native American civs should get this too ;)
Your ICBM's are great! I'm a BIG fan of flavour units, but I would never have thought to customize ICBM's. Thanx!
Wow, you sure are churning these out fast. It's great. Did you draw it, or use a 3D program? If you used a 3D program, I'm going to need the download the demo. This is great, now the game won't be [completely] unbalanced, although in theory, the US and Russia could enter into an alliance...
Nice, very cool. This isn't really related to the unit, but what happens when the detachable strap-ons fall back down? Seems kinda dangerous :lol:.
What ini are you looking at? The vanilla ini shouldn't have a launch animation specified.

The PTW/C3C ini clearly has a launch specified:

I used this in-game and zipped up right from the game directory, so I doubt there would be any errors.

@AVY: I believe they burn up and nothing bad happens, most of the time ;) In any case, I think what happens to the boosters is the last thing SAC would have been worried about in case of nuclear war.

@Gogf: I check my PMs, I just have to sleep sometimes... maybe you should check the amount of stuff in your inbox and delete some of it ;) POV-Ray can be found here:

As for other missiles, I will work on some, and I'm also open to requests.
Yeah, emphasis on "most," :D.

"Wow, watch that nuclear warhead carring rocket go. Wait, only one booster came off. IT'S COMING STRAIGHT BACK DOWN!!! How ironic." :lol:
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