New Unit: Chaos Halberdier (June 18, 2006)


Uncle Cam
Feb 4, 2004
St. Louis
Chaos Halberdier

Download Chaos Halberdier

Previews: Default, Fidget, Fortify, Attack A, Attack B, Victory, Death, Run

[size=-2]* animation speeds are different in game, but all of them had to be same speed for the preview
** run loops correctly in game but not in preview due to repeat frame

Notes: There are few sights more frightening than Chaos Warriors on the march. Clad in heavy armour, and wielding deadly polearms, the Halberdiers of Chaos can cast fear into the hearts of the stanchest of warriors.

Towering over their enemies, these fierce warriors of the Northlands are afraid of nothing. Even an enemy cavalry charge is unable to faze them, for their wickedly bladed halberds can cut even the mightest foe from his mount.
- LizardmanRule!

Credits: Many thanks are due to Kinboat for his paperdoll figure and clothing props, and also to utahjazz7 for the use of some of his props. Thanks also to Cyber Dreyk and Steph for their wonderful programs.

I made the unit for the Warhammer Mod. It is slightly oversized at 160 sized frames (normal is 142). Anyone that wants to resize this unit in order for it to match up with normal civ-scale units has my permission. This is my first unit in over a year, so hopefully I didn't accumulate too much rust. :)

Enjoy, :)
:woohoo: My favorite Poser artist just did it again! w00t! It rocks, dude, it totally rocks! Thank you so much :)

Swoggy? There was something to improve? I don`t think so, all of Cam`s units are perfect, I˙m so happy he is back! :bounce::banana::dance:

PS - I totally rock at aimed requests ;)
:woohoo: :bounce: CamJH is in the HOUUUUSSSE!!

Welcome back, O friend of all fantasy modders.... I know you'r probably tired of hearing this from be but:

*click!* *crackle*
Hikaro Takayama said:
Hey, CamJH, I'll definitely be able to use this unit in my Final Fantasy mod!!
END OF RECORDING. *crackle: *Click!*

This will either be a) a UU for the Paramekian Empire from FF II, or b) a flavor unit for it, the Dark Warriors, the Forbidden Land, the Orcs, and possibly some of the other more nefariously evil civs (like Galbadia & the Vector Empire).
OMG - he's back. So the prophecy is true then? :worship:

This unit is one of your better ones I would say (and that's really saying something!). A truly stylish beast, with one mama of a weapon. I'm going to love using this guy. :thanx:
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