New Unit: Coyote LAV


Nov 8, 2001
Ontario, Canada
Canadian Coyote Light Armored Vehicle

Here is the first of three Coyote units I will be
releasing. This is the regular version, I will be
releasing a Camo and Snow Camo version over the coming

I would place this in the same catagory in the tech tree as the
tank,with the same tech requirements and resource requirements.
I would also make it cheaper shield wise than a tank. give it a
higher move rate, but much lower attack and defense rate. The
back of the coyote opens like a APC, so you could also allow it to
carry a foot unit or two.

It supports civ specific colors.

Get it here

UPDATE 9/21 : There is a minor issue with the attack and
death animations being a bit off center in game in certain
positions. For the majority it looks alright, but in some positions
against certain units it looks quite off. I have
identified the cause of this and am working on a
fix for it and will post a updated version ASAP

Here is a preview


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great. here is units 32 icon:


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A suggestion for your signature.... the links should go to the thread where there are previews and such of your units, that way someone can go look at the unit and then decide if they want to download it from the link there.
Also, before you make any more units, you should compare your unit to the modern armor to get a good idea as to what the "top down view" looks like. I made this same mistake when I made my first unit, the blitz RAV, and had to scrap the default and run animations...... but it was all for the better in the end.

Also you may want to mess with your shadowing, or risk having the unit appear cartoony, (from being too light), once in actual gameplay.
Thanks Doragon,

Based on the previews, it looks very nice. Being a fellow Canadian (and Ontarian), I appreciate the units you have been creating. Each one is better than the one before.

Be sure to take the criticisms of everyone above. They've been there and done that. They give that advice because they want to help you become even better at unit creation. Keep up the excellent work.

(Nice explosion!)
Sheesh, talk about off topic. :) :)

We Canadians have no right to complain about a political party that we have put into office on three consecutive occasions.

And joining the US? Give me a break! :)
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