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New unit: Dark Elf Assassin (sep 9th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal

Here's an unit requested by Mr.Do (for the warhammer mod). I think he must be a masochist of somekind ;) :p . Anyway, I think I like this guy... Enjoy :)

Here's some civilopedia info copied from the games workshop website:
During the revelries of the Death Night, the Witch Elves roam the streets of the Dark Elf cities, and all who cross their path are offering to Khaine. Amongst those taken are young babes, who are offered up to the Lord of Murder in the Caldron of Blood. Most perish, but those chosen by Khaine emerge unharmed, and are then initiated in the dark secrets of Khaine. They are raised to be Dark Elf Assassins, the masters of death and the bringers of oblivion.

Here are the files:
Dark Elf Assassin (~641 kb)

Here are some animation previews (fortify, attackA, attackB, victory):

Attached is civilopedia preview.


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:goodjob: Looks great, Aaglo. I've been a loung time lurker and a major fan of your units.
Wasn't this just requested yesterday??? Even after all this time, your ability to produce such amazing units so swiftly still astounds me. Great work!
Lovely work as always!!

But... you have produced a dozen units during the last ten days... How do you make it?
@Gomurr & Yorgos,
I've been on a 14 day sick leave due the tonsill operation I've had. I'll be back at work starting next monday, so then you'll see me vanish from this forum like a fart in the desert (not really, but compared to my recent activities it'll seem like it ;) :p )
Damn Aaglo, most people want just relax and heal after surgery. You, on the other hand go unit-crazy. And very fine work, too!

And welcome to the tonsil-free club! ;)
Very nice, but ED already made an assasin, what was wrong with that?
Yoda, you have to ask Mr. Do about that (I think he meant that the current assassin is more like a generic assassin, not especially a dark-elf type. And I think that Mr.Do wants to give the old assassin to Araby and Ind).
I hate to be the one who whines but it isn't very Dark Elfy. It looks like any random human assasin. He'd look more elfy if he had some golden brokade or more purple. I've always seen Dark Elves as the kind of people who go for purple, black and gold combinations. Is it just me?

Besides this critique it looks great. I love it's smoth transitions and that it moves more naturally than most units out there.
An axe like that is simply sadistic, imagine the damage one swing of that thing could do to someone! :eek: Excellent fluid animations as always, I think I said this months ago but it still holds true, how you manage to make these movements using mathematics etc. is staggering.

Looks great, love the details, like the chip in the blade.
Man, looks like your geting on a role again aaglo. Great job.
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