New unit: Dwarf Ironmask (Jan 4th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal

I don't know what this is, but I suppose it was requested for the LotM/LotR (?) mod - as a dwarf UU. Well, this is what came of it: Ironmask. This unit is loosely based on the Warhammer chaos dwarf unit (actually a crew member of the chaos hell cannon).

The files:
Dwarf Ironmask

Attached are a preview of the animations, and an extra-large civilopedia image


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It's excellent. Looks nicely wicked, and that mask/helmet thing I complained about is nonexistant in this version. :)
awesome! :D whats next on the rotation of dwarf/hob-gob units? a hob-gob (slave) worker(and mabet settler) perhaps? :mischief:
Ha ha, that's awesome aaglo! This guy'll be fightin' some fire-breathing drakes in no time! I really like his mask, especially because it includes an iron beard. :D Now the LotM crew (me included) will have to think even harder about what unit to request should they win (again) Kinboat's lottery... :lol:
Excellent unit, aaglo!
Nice :D
Awesome unit. It will replace some bad graphix in my mod. Maybe.
this unit is amazing

all your dwarves are very nice looking
and doth they sing with a pint in one hand and a super size pretzel in the other! ;) Great unit.
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