New unit: Dwarf miner (Feb 21st, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here is a dwarf miner - a warhammer fantasy unit. No, it's not a worker unit, but a certified military unit. It has the option to 'paradrop' behind (or close to) approaching enemy, or intercept fleeing forces. Enjoy :)

Here's civilopedia text from games workshop website:
"Dwarfs have an insatiable thirst for gold, and construct deep shafts into the heart of the mountains in their quest to acquire the valuable metal. They also mine for ores and gemstones, and are very skilled at digging tunnels at incredible speed. The networks of mines and tunnels run through every mountain range. In battle, they use their knowledge of the tunnels and mastery of the pick axe with deadly intent.

Here are the files:
Dwarf miner

Attached are some animation and civilopedia previews.


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I'm quite simply amazed at how awesome this unit has turned out. I love the digging animation - thanks for making this aaglo!
Once again I have to say AMA&AZING!! :D
I'm amazed. Wish you had made a couple more dwarves, I'd like to replace Kindred's somewhat low quality dwarves with yours in MoM. :)
Awesome... That digging animation is just so great :D
I'm really impressed by the creativity of the "paradrop" animation. Great work. Now, how can I steal this idea? Just kidding. ;)
Egad! That is awesome. I love the pickaxe too, a lot like the mattocks the Dwarvish army at the end of the Hobbit used.
Awesome, and like everyone else has mentioned, that digging animation is class! :thumbsup: :D
Wow, that "paradrop" anim really is amazing! :)
Now, go make us some more WH Dwarves! ;)
That is too sweet. I might have to find a use for this guy. I hope I can.
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