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New unit: Elven Bolt thrower


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
The special unit for elves: the ever-deadly bolt thrower :evil:

The included sounds are from the PTW japanese siege crossbow - and they seem to fit perfectly - because animation times and no. of frames are identical between this unit and the japanese siege crossbow.

Elven Bolt Thrower

Animation previews: Default, fidget, run, fortify, attack, victory and death...

And here is the xl-version of the civilopedia image.


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Well, it's called Bolt Thrower... because it's Bolt Thrower ;)

Thanks, it goes immediately to new wh-mod :) I also like the new less-shiny coloring.
Great unit, and in record breaking time! :)





Whammer mod 2.0, is going to rock.

my 2 cents
Excellent, now advanced artillery for the elves at last.
aesome :goodjob: (also your best quality little figure to date :goodjob:- have you ever concidered doing an actually trooper in his own right, with no peice of artillery to distract the plater from his quality?)
heh, thanks. Well, I have done those three giants almost a year ago. But my human animating skills haven't gotten any better since then - they are a pain in the butt to animate with pov-ray with my animating skills :lol:

Sometime in the future I might think about doing somekind of human unit (but it's not very likely, since there are so many poser users who can do it with much better quality)
then sir, i suggest oyu Goblins, Dwarves, and Kobolds (another little nasty from the myths of Germania ;)) - where, because of size, quality in detail are not as important, but the general look, and feel of the units are :)
Kobolds would be useful to me, if you did those aaglo. Not an official request, just stating that there is a mod that would make them a home. ;)
I know that Cobalt is an element (but I don't know what it looks like).
I know that Kobold is some sort of fantasy creature (but I don't know what it looks like).

All I think I know is that those two have nothing in common....
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