New unit: Ghost Ship - the Black Pearl


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
This one is one weirdo unit.
An undead ship with the most strangest animations I've done.

And the files are quite large - I had to upload them in two separate zip's.

The sounds aren't anything special, but they'll do fine for me.

The flics & ini-file

Sounds and civilopedia graphics

Here is a demo of the animations. Default, victory, run, fidget, attackA (spirits), attackB (cannons) and death :lol:

And here are the civilopedia images (two to choose from)


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IT'S DONE! FIRST POST! Very, very good Aaglo. Do you mind if I make an alternative civilopedia pick with my misty clouds?
Oh, and Aaglo, you have inspired me to actually make a mod I've been considering for a while, and use this as a hidden natioanlity ship.

Thank you. Truly one of the best units ever made.
This is a frame of the death animation, in FLICster, with alpha blend on. Wouldn't this look a little odd in game? I'm talking about those odd light spots by the sails. Are these just lighter background colors? I mean, it is light pink, and then light gray. I haven't been able to test it in game yet, sorry, so I'm not sure how it would look, but is it supposed to be like this?


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Just as a suggestion, could you made death flc also as the ship just fade away? After all, it already sunk... and been destoried... now it's ghosty...
Wasn't here for quite a long time - and now there are so many great new units :) Like this one :)

Looks absolutely great, esp. the "spirits attack" effects
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