New unit: IJN Shokaku

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Thanks Akula, a little long and thin though.
Yes it is a little thin and somewhat long but you can't really capture the look of a IJN carrier and still have it look like the Firaxis units so i choose the accurate look
Thanks to you naval fights become more and more interesting in Civilization 3. Great job, Akula. Are you working on more subs, detroyers, carriers or something else at the moment?
I got a Finished model of a IJN Kongo fast battleship some quite new models designs of the IJN Yamato and IJN Nagato Models of the carriers Yorktown, Essex, Akagi, Hosho and Langley
A model of the Borei (Newest russian boomer design) and some more I have either had problems modelling or haven't started on or some other problems
I intend on finishing most of them (perhaps not all the carriers) at some point
I have looked at plans for IJN 1930 destroyers but I think i'll take a short break after I have finished 3 battleships (IJN Kongo, IJN Yamato and USS North Carolina) and a battlecruiser (Fylgia) I am currently working on and ther's allso the Yorktown
But year I am looking for destroyers (particularly IJN ships)
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I really like your ships, Akula. I actually prefer the realistic style over the cartoonish look of Firaxis' units.

Yes! Many of the user created units here are much better and more historically accurate tahn the original units.
Much better and more accurate than the orignal firaxis units...

Indeed, akula's ships are the best I've seen, and I hope he won't sacrifice his style to make them look more like the firaxis ones.
i,m not too sure if there are any icons kicking around for this unit, but even if there are, here are some more.

and again, i didn,t have too much to work with for these.
That does not surprise me I used over one hour searching for pictures brawings and such
damn. i spent like 2 days, only to get one pic that was good enough to use. i also found a little history abot it, but it,s not the greatest:

^A city needs $LINK<oil=GOOD_Oil> in its $LINK<Strategic Resource=GCON_ResourcesS> box to build a Shokaku.

^The IJN Shokaku’s impressive list of engagements includes Pearl Harbor, Coral Sea and Guadalcanal, but the Shokaku did not participate in the battle at Midway, and her absence was felt hard during Japan’s loss at this crucial battle. In June 1944, the Shokaku was sunk by 3 torpedeos fired from the U.S.S Cavalla 140 miles North of Yap Island, in the Battle of the Philippine Sea, delivering a crippling blow to the IJN.
Excellent looking unit, Akula. I've always liked the lines on those WWII Japanese carriers.

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