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New Unit: Kavallerie

small preview


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and pedia (included in the file tho)

thanks yoda :)

This is my first unit. Hope you like it


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Yeah nonnob i liked the Reiter but it just seemed a little out of place in the 19th century era. Actually that's one of the reasons i wanted to prioritize this.
well zulu, i'd like to see you galloping on a horse with your upper buddy in a completely static position. :)

the head is in the exactly correct position.
Originally posted by TrigunM7
very very cool, good for napolionic scenario on
good job shady :)

You probably ment Napoleonic, but I'm afraid this unit has nothing to do with this period. It's a late 19th century-early XX century German calvary, outdated by the end of WW I.

BTW, nice unit Shady!
nonetheless (sorry about spelling) it would look good as a replacement for the normal German/Austrian cavalry in the C3C scenario Napoleonic Age (or Era, I forget)
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