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New unit: Leadbelcher (Mar 6th, 2005)


Jan 27, 2003
Planet Baal
Here is an unit for ogre kingdoms: Leadbelchers! Basically - ogres carrying cannons! Enjoy:

Here's some civilopedia from games workshop website:
Leadbelchers are a comparatively recent addition to the armies of the Ogre Kingdoms. Few in number, these filthy and unhinged Ogres are equally obsessed with destruction and noise. These Ogres arm themselves with great portable weapons known as Leadbelcher cannons. These gigantic guns are either scavenged from the remains of enemy artillery or earned as a reward from the great forges of the Chaos Dwarfs.

Before battle, Leadbelchers fill their cannon's barrel with gunpowder, metal shot, rusty nails, an assortment of wickedly bladed weaponry, and even the occasional cannonball. The Leadbelcher cannon is then bound tightly onto the Ogre's arm with thick leather straps. Many Leadbelchers go to war with a smoldering taper clenched between their teeth.

Here are the files:

Attached are some animation and civilopedia previews


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Wow that's cool. Is there going to be an ogre kingdom in the next WH version. Sounds like I might have a new fav civ.
Awesome animations. Like how he has a melee attack. I'm no ogre enthusiast, but should he be alot bigger than a regular unit?
That is one of the best of your recent crop, I think. Really great. I wouldn't like to meet this guy in a dark alley. I love the handlebar moustache - do all these ogres have funky facial hair? Preach!
yes, all these new ogre units have me begging for a new warhammer version... :mischief:
Bungus said:
... but should he be alot bigger than a regular unit?
Well, he is a lot bigger than a regular unit. They are supposed to be the size from horse up to something-like-a-hippo.
Yet again...AMAZING!!! :D
An ogre with a cannon? Interesting...
Looks great aaglo! :thumbsup: :D
Amazing.Superb.Beautiful. This is quite simply one of the best units i have ever seen, from the undisputed King of unit creation, :king: aaglo. :king:
:goodjob: :goodjob: :goodjob:

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