New Unit: Mara Jade and The Jade Commandos


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Jun 17, 2002
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Here is my newest unit :). Another fine unit from SWGB for use in Civ3.

strikingly beautiful woman known for her flame-red hair and
piercing green eyes, Mara Jade grew up as an orphan after her
parents were killed early in her life. Little in known about her
young adulthood, but at some point she was taken in by
Emperor Palpatine and trained in the use of the Force. She was
later employed by Emperor Palpatine as The Emperor's Hand.
She took on a number of surveillance missions, often posing as
one of the Emperor's dalliances in order to escape notice. As a
member of Palpatine's closest followers, she gained a good deal
of experience in the use of The Force. Her latent Force-sensitivity
was heightened by the Emperor, and it allowed her to contact
him across vast distances via Force energy. These abilities
disappeared almost completely when the Emperor was killed.
One of the last missions the Emperor assigned her to was the
killing of Luke Skywalker. The Emperor claimed to have foreseen
her involvement in Luke's death, and sent her to Tatooine
following Vader's failure to capture Luke at Cloud City. She
infiltrated Jabba's palace as a dancing girl, but was not allowed
onto Jabba's sailbarge when it left to sacrifice Luke and Han to
the Sarlacc. This unfortunate setback allowed her to continue in
her efforts to kill Luke, but the death of the Emperor at Endor robbed her of her Force abilities and her main source of impetus. She went underground after Palpatine's death, since - as a secret agent for the Emperor - none of the surviving Imperials would ever believe she was more than a dancing girl. She performed a number of odd jobs across the galaxy before she joined up with Talon Kaarde.

Mara Jade

I currenly dont have the stats with me. Ill get back to you on it ;). The Next unit Ill be putting up is the Jade Commandos. Keep an eye for this spot when I am done with the MultiUnit ;).

All your jade are belong to us
<Reserved for the Jade Commandos Stats and Files>

Note, the Jade Commandos are a personal creation of mine ;).
I can tell it's a personal creation of yours, since I've never come accross to such a character before (including the Expanded Universe), but this doesn't mean that it's not good!

IMHO, it's actually a great addition to any Star Wars mods out there...

Besides, the animation rocks.

Keep up the good work, you have my support all the way.

Edit: I certainly KNOW Mara Jade, I was talking about the concept of "Jade commandos". Just to clear up any misunderstandings, you know...
Originally posted by Pleb
You, uh, only posted a picture of your unit...

Looks nice though.

:ack: I used the wrong file extention. It was suppost to be *.zip, not *.gif. The Above link is now fixed so that you can Download the file :).
Originally posted by Pleb
How are the mara jade comandos coming along?

Quite good, though its a pain trying to transfer the *.Bmp file from the Multiunit tool to a *.Pcx. I wished that the Multiunit can just export the images as a *.pcx.
Originally posted by Owen Glendower
speaking of .pcx where are the .pcx for Mara Jade? Can't really finish putting her in without them.

If you mean the Civilopedia. Ill get to work on that ;).
Any pcx files on the way? Just curious ... I like the unit & want to use it.
This is my first time to actually post "stuff" anywhere, so go easy on me. Wasn't sure if pedia icons were coming or not on this unit so I made up some of my own. The units32 & small.pcx were lifted from the preview animation. I couldn't get anything looking good at 128, so I just cropped some image from the comic books I found on the net. Had kind of a wild, violent look. I use this unit as a modern terrorist for the Amazons, renamed the ********. Low stats, invisible, mostly just captures workers & pillages (which, in all honesty, I actually have a great fondness for doing).

Hope these will do until someone has the time to post something better!


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>>Quite good, though its a pain trying to transfer the *.Bmp file from the Multiunit tool to a *.Pcx. I wished that the Multiunit can just export the images as a *.pcx<<

Have you tried ACDSee? It allows for bulk pic conversion and renaming. They have a freeware version. The web site is:
nice unit.... the guns seems a bit desproportionated from the body, it looks like very big for one hand holding....


PD: u can always say the gun is made of policarbonate so its light and can be hold in one hand if u dont wanna fix it heheh
Really like the unit, but it looks a little small to me. Is it just me? But since I have not the skill to make a unit I won't ever complain.
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