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Jan 21, 2002
Should be a German only jet fighter of the ww2 era in the game.


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LOL i was just sat in the dining room thinking, i wish someone would create a ME-262 (im trying to add a second UU for every civ in-game ;) ). :goodjob: thanx
be great,

can any1 create UU to other countries ? like English and other

it exist already 2 UU flight units 4 germany but not one for other
( ok the f15 for the USA )
As usual, TVA22 comes through with a cool unit.

I think that it would be good if there was an intermediate technology between getting fighters and getting modern jet fighters. It could be called "the turbojet" or something, somebody would probably come up with a better name. It would enable different cultures to come up with different planes that were better but more expensive than a fighter, but not as good as a jet fighter. The Germans get the Me-262, the british the Meteor, and the others would require research or imagination. Maybe the Me-262 would be the most powerful, the Meteor could be faster (don't jump on my case, I don't know if this was true) and any culture that didn't have a historical pre-Korean war early jet would get a generic jet that wasn't as good. Just an idea.

For those making a WWII mod, a technology called Radial engines could enable the building of slightly faster fighters (call it longer range). Examples: German Focke-Wulf; American Thunderbolt, Hellcat; British Typhoon; Japanese Tony ( forgive me for not knowing its real name; I onmly know the US Navy code name).
In reality planes with radial engines weren't necessarily all faster, nor were radial engines discovered later in the war; but the real high horsepower planes were nearly all radial, and most of the later planes were of radial-engine design.
- Damn I talk too much -
Thanks for all the kind words, glad the unit is working out for everyone. I like the sound of a jet for every civ, but I too am lost past germany and england. Seems to me that the first US jet fighters, the ones used in korea, (though I don't remeber their designation) were in fact copied in many ways from the Me262. I could be wrong, but I remember reading that after the war ended in Europe, the US government shipped a number of Me262s back to the US so they could study them and try to reproduce them.

As for units for other civs, I'm currently working on one for the Americans, though I doubt it'll be very popular--it's an atomic bomber, modeled after the B29. It'll basicly be a nuclear missle that will be american only, available in the industrial age. As usual with my units, I'm making it with an earthmap in mind, so it would no doubt be too powerful for a regular game. Oh yes, I'm using the standard "zeb's earth" map, because it's asthetically pleasing, and the enormous maps are just too much of a pain for me, so on Marla's map, if you all play on that one, most of my units would still be unbalancing.
Can anyone post an animation ?

I don't like downloading something if I don't know what the unit looks like...
I have a really slow modem, so I don't want to bother with downloading animation shop, and I've never been able to get that img button to put pics up right for me, like everyone else can. All I can do is ask you to have faith in me, take a look at my other unit threads, and if you like what you see, you may like this, if not, then don't DL it.
TVA22 just wanted to drop a line and say awesome looking unit! I gave mine no bombard ability so as to represent it as a true interceptor. Again thx for the wonderful unit.:cool:
I hope you don't mind TVA22, but I've made a quick unanimated preview for you:-


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That looks magnificent !

Thanx for making it TVA22 :D
And thanx for posting that pic, Kryten ! :goodjob:

Watch out, fighter ! Here comes the Me262 !
I don't mind at all, please feel free to help me advertise my units! :D
The jet fighters used in the Korean War were mainly F-84 Thunderjet and F-86 Sabre for the US, and the MiG-15 for China/Russia.

Although among the first US jets were the P-59 Airacomet and P-80 Shooting Stars... the P-80 was outmoded by 1950 when the Korean War broke out, and the P-59 was only an experimental craft, IIRC.
I realy like this unit! I am working on a generic (all civs) Armoured ground attack plane for WWII, could I request you turn your considerable talent for air unit deesign towards a Stuka dive bomber? It would look great if the German air force had 2 air units designed by thew same person. It would give them a coherent look.
I am going to use this unit as a variation of stats on the traditional fighter, it couldn't realy have competed with (let alone outmatched) the jet fighters that were to come, but it was more than a match for the old stlye prop driven fighters (later the allied fighters started to develop tactics to close the gap, but they only worked because the germans were almost beaten and hitler had ordered all the Me262s be armed for bombing missions).
I think in Civ III ther should be Sub-sonic jets and super-sonic jets. it is one of the few areas where there is not enough natural progression between the units.
:D Thanks for the cool new unit. The graphics are bad ass! No more watching allied bombers mess with my improvements.

One question: I'm new to this and on the hacked editor unit screen with patch 1.21f the English can't be scrolled down to because it is below the bottom of the screen. How can fix this? (Of course only Germany gets the Me262, but for other units...:( )
Can anyone tell me why when I click in the unit in the build list my game crashes?
Originally posted by fatboy76
Can anyone tell me why when I click in the unit in the build list my game crashes?

Most probably a typo- game crash due to the game not being able to find the unit... go to the bic file of your present game and check if the unit is spelled in the same way as in your art/units/Me262 folder (also the unit's ini. file in this folder should be called "Me262.ini")- i.e. use the same name in those three cases ;)
Here is civopedia abount ME-262.
include civopedia.txt, units_32.pcx, me262large.pcx and me262small.pcx


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