New Unit: MSE-6 aka 'mouse' droid


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
This is my next unit for the star wars mod. It is completly hand drawn, and probably isnt the best looking unit outside of the game. Inside the game its actually not that bad looking. Sounds work (tested them in game). This unit is designed to replace the scout unit, therefore it does not have attack or victory animations. Enjoy :D


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hey tpasmall! i can't wait till u guys finish up all the units & custom civs...i wuz wondering if you guys have a schedule (i.e. do you know when it will be done:D ) and could u please attach animation for this unit? thanks so much!
I really have no idea when this all will be done. We are doing a complete overhaul of the game, changing music, sounds, palace view, aerial view, city view, terrain, units, leader heads, opening video + everything else that is possible to change. Im hoping for a beta within a month, though i have no idea if things will continue at the pace we're already at. Here is a preview of the death animation :D


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Hey, just a little prob here...I installed paintshop pro and got the R2 unit and this other gundam mech unit to the unit32 pcx file, but when i tried to open the unit32 file included in the zip for the mouse droid, paintshop pro told me that it can't open it since it's not a valid pcx file....plz fix this!:)

The animation looks awesome!!:goodjob:
Ok, here is the right units_32.pcx


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