New Unit- Nebulan B Frigate


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Nov 14, 2001
The Death Star
Took me a while, since ive been putting this unit off but it is done. The only thing that is missing is sound files, which i will post up soon. Just wanted to get the unit out there though :D


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Here is the death animation


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cool :)

it's for the StarWars mod, isn't ?

it is a rebell ship if I correct reminding
Yes this is for the Star Wars mod, and yes this is the first space-navy unit created for civIII, and star wars. The xwing and other starfighters are air units :D
Yep, the ships should be used as a light carrier, most likly carrying only one ship, with good offensive power.

the thing about starwars is that most of the big ships are also carriers, with the Mon Cal cruisers and Star Destroyers being the workhorses of combat and carrier combat. it'll make the mod play a bit different - with more empasis on airborne units.
Currently, no. :( Though i will be looking into doing a Star Destroyer unit hopefully soon.
My appologies for being ignorant, but how does one go about creating the Nebulon B as a unit?

Ive got the hacked editor and added the unit.
but the game crashes when i attempt to click on build selections in the city screen.. any ideas?
It works for me, and i used the normal editor. Did you unzip the Frigate to the right folder?

Also, its name has to be (in full) Nebulan B Frigate, or it wont work.
i first put the ini file in the Nebulan B Friage Folder, then i put that folder in the units folder. I put the Units_32 pic of the Nebulan in the regular Units_32 before the last eight images (starting from the army to the worker, i saw that you were supposed to do this for some reason on a post somewhere) I then created the unit using the latest patch editor. The name is Nebulan B Frigate I set minimal abilities (basically that of a galley for testing purposes), set the civilopedia entry to PRTO_Galley and then saved.

the moment civ3 crashes is when i click on the big button to select what to build in my city and boom,, it dies

i dont know what to do with the other 2 images that come with it. perhaps that is the cause
I had this problem before, you have to use a different units_32 icon. I know it sounds stupid, but just give it the warrior one, or something along those lines. I had this problem when i tryed to use the tie interceptor icon. I then adjusted the units_32 file, and all the icons work now.
after having to reinstall (somehow civ3 became corrupted beyond repair) i started afresh and it works like a charm,

the Nebulan B looks awesome =)
I can't wait for an Imperator or Executor to be made =)

keep up the good work and thanks for all the effort you guys are putting into this
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