New Unit: RA2 Turret


Nov 11, 2001
Spearfish, SD
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The second of my RA2 Conversions. This one has an attack and default animation. No death animation is planned until after the rest of the conversions are done. There is attack and death sounds though. I do not have run animation or run sound. I dont see how it is possible. . .

In my game, I have this set as a paradroppable unit with 0 movement. Once you drop it somewhere, it stays there. If you have other ideas for the stats, please post them here.


Excellent unit ;goodjob:. Another Immobile Turret :). Since there is already a Defensive Heavy turret, I am going to use this as a cheaper and lighter version of it :).
YESSS!:jump: I think this is just the right make and model for me:goodjob: can't wait for a test drive:D Thanks!
GIDustin, is it possible to convert RA2 buildings for use as unts. I'm talking specifically about the Soviet Nuke Silo and the two NOD missile silos from Tiberium Sun.
Fits in very well! Perhaps something for some modern-time scenario... :goodjob:
Yes zulu, it is. My current project is actually the tesla coil. The only problem with the nuke silo is the fact that I would have to resize it to get it to look good in the game. What would they be used for? Aerial view?

Someone came up with an idea for a nuclear silo as an airdrop/immobile unit as a transport (storage) for ICBMs rather than keeping the nukes in your cities.

Another idea for a building for use as an airdrop/immobile unit would be the neutral bunkers (not the soviet ones, or the allied pillboxes).
I will try it out when I get time. If it is a single frame animation, it will be easy, but to get it opening up and shooting the nuke, that may not be easy. Also, buildings in RA2 only are displayed in one direction, so it would be civ2 style.

You needn't worry about it opening up and firing; a single frame should be fine. I don't imagine it matters which way it faces either. :)
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