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New Unit: Ragnarok (finally)


Jan 4, 2004
A shipyard near you
Oh my freakin goodness, I'll never do a unit that takes that long ever again...

But IT'S DONE! The Ragnarok airship from Final Fanatsy 8 is finally ready to fly. Its about the same size as my Highwind ingame (I think) and should probably be used in a similar manner. Civilopedia text is largely based on information found at wikipedia, man that website is handy.

Unfortunately, my animated preview making thingies trial date has expired, so I'll have to buy the thing before I can make decent flic previews again.

But you can still enjoy the civilopedia! Here's the file:


Preview below, enjoy!

Detail, detail, and more detail is all I can see, Incredible.
Wow, thanks every one.

Yeah, before that other program I got (that's expired now) I was using the Flic2gif that's on these forums somewhere, which doesn't have the greatest quality, hence the switch. I'll try that OpenFX thingy.

Alright aaglo, I'll attach the main file.


  • ragnarok.zip
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Yeah, no doubt the size is due to the city of blobs I put in this thing. There isn't a shape I feel I can't do now. :eek:

Thanks again everyone. :D
Thank you thank you thank you, Orthanc!!!!!! This is one of the best units I've seen, and I've already added it to the FF mod. Now all I need is the Estar soldier and Estar will be complete. This unit is just freakin' awesome!!!!

Try to avoid bringing back threads this old, this one's over 6 months old now, the borderline for bringing back threads just to comment like that is about under a month. Just try and check the date before you post, unless you have an issue with getting the unit to work or something, or have some sort of addition you made yourself.
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