NEW UNIT: Strike Fighter


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May 5, 2002
Strike Fighter for Civilization III!

I personally use this unit as a "flavor" unit for the Jet Fighter.
I just assign the jet fighter to certain civs, and then the Strike Fighter to the
remaining civs. To me, the stock Civ3 jet fighter looks alot like a MiG-29 Fulcrum, so I assign it to the old
"Soviet-esque" civs (Russia, China, Middle East civs, etc). This Strike Fighter looks more like an F-14 or even the new F-22
or JSF (Joint Strike Figher).

Instructions to Install:

First, Create a unit in the CivEditor and call it "Strike Fighter" (if you have version 1.29f. If you
don't have v1.29f, then use Grampho's Civ3 MultiTool). Next, unzip this Zip file directly into your
Civilization3\art\units directory. This zip file will create the folder for you automatically. Lastly,
give it these stats:

Icon: 44 (I just use the stock Jet Fighter)
Prerequisite: Rocketry
Class: Air

Shield Cost: 10
Pop Cost: 0
Upgrade to: F-15
Moves: 1
Trans Cap: 0
Attack Str: 8
Defense Str: 4
Operation Rng: 6
Bombard Str: 6
Bombard Rng: 0
Rate of Fire: 1
HP Bonus: 0


Unit Abilities: Immobile

Civilopedia: PRTO_Jet_Fighter

AI Strategy: Air Defense
Air Bombard

Orders: Skip Turn

Special Action: Load

Air Missions: Bombing
Precision Bombing
(I have all my post WWII attack aircraft have precision bombing because it's realistic)


Credit must be givin to Kinboat and his Veritech unit... because that is where I got the aircraft images from! Mainly all I did was remove the robot from the FLICS and added the missile being fired and the bombs being dropped.


It looks exactly like the Vetec fighter in flight mode u COPYCAT. I think people shouldent be able to copy other peoples creations!!!!!! :mad:
I don't have much of a problem with it as long as he gives credit... which he did :) It would've been nice to ask but I understand that I'm putting these units up for public use, which includes making any alterations you want. And it's nice to see that something I made is liked enough that others will use it too :)
OF COURSE IT'S THE EXACT SAME... I stated that in my first posting anyway Civ2 or whatever your name is! Sheesh... see:

<because that is where I got the aircraft images from! Mainly all < I did was remove the robot from the FLICS and added the <missile being fired and the bombs being dropped.

Yeah, the Veritech is a pretty cool unit. Kinboat, did you make those graphics from scratch? That's pretty damn good.
Yeah I made them in Moray... a 3D program... And thanks.
Next time before repyling to a post read the post you are replying to.
I was going to use this for a JSF but now I can't use it after I saw a picture of the F-22. They look exactly the same and I can't use it for anything else.:( Has anyone made a eurofighter?
its allmost exactly the same as the tomcat
Actually since I made the model I can assure you I didn't use any actual planes (prototypes or otherwise) for comparision. The model looks the way it does mainly because that was the easiest shape to use and still have it transform into a reasonably shaped mecha... So any resemblance is purely coincidental...
Well thats one hell of a coincident! Two engins, missles fires from the correct place!
Only thing that is actualy wrong with it is that the wings are a bit to small for the body!
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