New Unit: Suicide/homicide Bomber

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I'm not trying to minimize the events of 9/11 or terrorism and I'm not saying arabs are terrorists, just tying to add this modern event to the game.

this is the Firaxis PTW abu bakr graphics, but then I took pesoloco's land mine explosion graphics and added them to the default. Yeah I'm a cut and paster.

Recommend flagging it as a cruise missile(destroy after attacking), have a short range (maybe 3), and hidden nationality. do NOT have ranged attack, that way the attack anim will show up on your unit. Invisible is up to you.
Not trying to argue.

What is the conotation if we make the unit white, it has to be
some ethnic group. And I was thinking of doing a mid-east scenario and the unit is appropriate. C&C Generals got away with it ;)
Originally posted by Padma
[color=600f0f]I've decided to let these two units be, for now. My concern is that much like using a black figure to represent a "slave" unit, these portray Arabs as terrorists.[/color]

Hang on, a terrorist unit has to be some colour. Is it racist to have a white terrorist unit?
Hello Ekmek and Padma.

I am Arabic and I want to say I am NOT offended whatsoever.

I like the realistic touch people give to this game, and this sure is one of those. I as an Arab, admit there are Arab muslims who blow themselves up in name of our beautiful religion.

I am against it, and so is Islam, but it happens. So it may be in the game, I sure downloaded it. I like it and cant wait to hunt them down with my Spec Ops (muslims too ;) )

Bye everyone
I think I will use him as my Bin Laden Leader Unit. Have him blow up as the death aminmation. Hope this wont offend anyone(sometimes my sence of humor is on the border of twisted). BTW I am in the Air Force and broke my back(T7 Vertabrae) on my last TDY. Giving me loads of time to try to figure out the complicated process of modding games. So far I have been downloding and getting ideas. Lots of you out there make some awesome units and mods. I think I am going to make a flavor mod with future unit at the end. Is it possible to add another science age? also I want to make the manhatten project a minor wonder, so that only that civ can make nukes. so far I have made it a minor wonder but everone gets to make nukes after, can anyone tell me how to change this or is it in the hard codeing of the gaem?
Make it a Great wonder and only the civ who builds it will be able to make nukes. I've never tried that, but I can't see why it wouldn't work.
You must face history, if there is a Civil War scenario with a slave unit it should have black skin because they were Africans, in WW2 scenario the Japanese infantry unit should look Asian because they are Japanese, when you have a terrorist for a Middle Eastern scenario because all Middle Eastern terrorists are Arabs it should look Arabic. BTW: The Quran isn't all that peaceful and supports the massacre of Christians and Jews, check your holy book before you call it peaceful next time. Don't mean to start a flamewar or start the trolling. Just to save you some time, Padma, the Quran is really cool ;)
I hope no one would take offense to this unit... I think its a really clever idea myself. It would be interesting to make other similar units for other nationalties, i.e., an IRA bomber for the celts, a michigan militia guy for the U.S. ....
Sorry but I'd be offended with an IRA unit for the Celts. While originaly freedom fighters who won our independance the name IRA is now associated with the more recent batch of car bombing, drug dealing, murdering, terrorist scum.

Call the unit the IRB ( Irish Republican Brotherhood, forefathers of the IRA ) or "Flying Columns" or something along those lines. Irelands geurillas fought a heroic campaign against the Largest Empire in History, and fought to free Ireland not to kill the British. Sinn Fein have tried to convince me since I was a child that the IRA fight a just war in my name. They don't. The IRA that won our freedom became the police and army of our republic. Terrorist fought on due to hatred. Please don't mix up our Heros with our Criminals.

I hate the false impression that the Irish support the terrorist ****e that the IRA got away with and that we hate the British. I have family in Britain, I speak English, watch british TV and holiday there. Our Guardai, Army and politicians make every effort to destroy the IRA. The idea that the terrorist IRA are representative of Celtic or Irish civilisation is unfair and offensive.

Sorry, I dont mean to have a go, and I aplaude alireza1354 for his open minded attitude. But I just wanted to say that I would be offended and to explain why.
Tathlum, you are the type of person who ruins it for everyone. You know what, not every American is an F-15 pilot. Not all Russinas are Cossacks (in fact you might offend some of them by calling them that). If you think giving a unit to a civ is is a representative comment on every person of a group over a few thousand years, you need to grow up some, especially if it is for a scenario.

BTW, I am as Irish as it gets with flaming red hair and the name O'Cullinane and am not offended by that idea in the slightest. And I am Catholic too.
How do I ruin everything by objecting to a terrorist unit? We werent talking about a guerilla here we're talking about an IRA bomber.

Everytime I go abroad and say I'm Irish all I seem to hear about is IRA and the North, and I'm sick of it. I don't want to constantly see us associated with the IRA and thats what'll happen if we have a IRA bomber unit in this forum. In real life I have to deal with the fact that they're real and that they dishonour the memory of the people who fought and died for our freedom. I don't in a game.

You wanna get your rocks off fighting an IRA bombing campaign, go ahead. All I said was that I'd be offended by this unit being posted. I'm sure a LOT of Brits would too.

I dont consider a unit in Civ as representative of all of a society but it is representative of how they fight and how they live.

Look theres no point starting a flame war over this. I don't claim to speak for Ireland, just myself. I personaly am VERY anti-IRA. My post was to explain why I'm offended by the idea of such a unit. I'm not gonna tell anyone else how to play their game. But post a unit like that and you'll offend more people than me.

But everyone can make their own mind up. Right, now I'm gonna shut up about it. For good.

Sorry 'bout the threadjack.
I don't mind people saying their opinions, but when you post "I am offended" by this unit or a similar one, you are just beging for a ban.
I posted what I did because a moderater raised concerns about whether a unit should be removed as offensive. I thought an opinion from my frame of reference would be relevent. 9 times out of 10, when I see something I don't like I ignore it, but here was a moderator that seemed unsure of the impact this unit might have. Also, I didn't post to kick up a fuss, start a fight or "ruin things for everyone" but because I was genuinely offended.
I posted an honest opinion. I didn't mean to start an arguement. 'specially not with someone who potentially saved me from a lot of snake-bites;)
I'll admit I'm biased though. I like to keep Civ as sacharine and tidy as I can. I want a fun GAME more than a detailed re-enactment of history, warts and all. So I like to avoid stuff like suicide bombers or anything offensive. Don't worry though I'm not going to join every thread like this and give a lecture. Still, I doubt I'll get banned for objecting to IRA bombers.
:love: Tathy
No, you won't get banned for objecting to IRA bombers. ;) However, this threadjack by all involved needs to cease.

I posted my concern earlier because I *don't* want to shut down any thread if I don't have to. My concern was that we would end up in a flamewar about whether making a Terrorist/Suicide/Homicide Bomber as an Arab was racist. I don't believe it was intended as such, so left the threads open. Please don't make me close them.
Since the IRA bomber was my idea I apologize to Tathy for causing offense, however, his arguement gave me some other ideas. Being yet another irishman myself (James Connolly) I personally would enjoy seeing a (at the risk of a WRONG FORUM post from zulu) irish independence mod. You could ad create quite a few new units, the flying colums and black & tans to name a few. Maybe the British Paras for a modern unit to counter the IRA bomber. The user created armored car (AustinMK???) would fit in perfectly as well. Michael Collins would make a good leaderhead as well. Just 2 more cents....
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