New Unit: V-2 (A-4) Missile


Rocket Constructor
Jul 25, 2002
Back from vacation yesterday, here is the V-2 I was making. This missile is 100% scratch-built (no copy/pasting plumes and such). Contains all the necessary files and instructions.

Edit: uploaded a version with .ini files that use tactical nuke files for the explosion animation, etc (instead of the ICBM files).
Edit2: uploaded a version with shadows in the default animation (I accidentally left them out in the original, even though I had them when I was testing).

I have not tested the V2AttackA animation for vanilla Civ3 (can't find my CD, it's somewhere in my luggage). If someone who plays vanilla finds any problems with it, please tell me.

Previews (launch, flight, fall - if you couldn't guess that ;) ):

The speed in your browser may or may not reflect actual game speed.

Enjoy :)
Really nice ! The ignition is so impressive !
Originally posted by aaglo
(according to EN-ISO 7500-1). :thumbsup:

Uhm- right!!! That's one nice way of stating that it is A-Class :D

Krayzeenbk, why don't you publish a small tutorial for rocket scientists ??? Would be very helpful for the likes of me :)

It is VERY cool :)
Great job... what about the explosion-animation? I would be grateful if you can show it...
The V-2 uses the nuke animation for the explosion. If you would like to make it a non-nuclear tactical missile (not 100% sure this is possible), use the death animation for the explosion animation.
Any way we could get the more conventional black and white version? I know there is one out there but it is a cut and paste version and this one is, well no offense to whoever made the other one, alot better.
I think the black&white version is just a test version?
This camo-one looks definitely cooler :)

Krayzeenbk: The Planetbuster is the ultimate weapon in Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri. It's also the ultimate terraformer :)
I am wondering if this can be used as a Cruise Missile unit. I am already using a Soviet Nuclear Missile to represent the Nuclear Missile in the World War II/Cold War Era (Modern Era in my Mod)
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