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New Unit: Wurfrahmen 40 - a modified sdkfz 251

Here is an animated pic of the unit.


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Originally posted by Ed O'War
Awesome! I hope you do a troop transport version too. Great job!

Wasnt this one used for troop transport as well?
Looken good dawg ;)
Originally posted by Hunter

Wasnt this one used for troop transport as well?

I thought this version was just a type of SP rocket launcher, an artillery unit. I don't think it transported troops too (though what do I know, maybe it did). I figure it would be loaded down with extra rockets, so it wouldn't have room for troops. Besides, it would be nice to have a separate half-track with troops in it just to use for Panzer Grenadiers.
SdKfz 251/1 mittlere Schützenpanzerwagen (Wurfrahmen 40): Crew of 7. Had 2 MG34s or MG42s. Had 5: 28cm Sprengranate (HE round) and 1: 32cm Flammgranate (incendiary round). After France in 1940 J. Gast KG, Berlin were ordered to create a projector for the Wurfgerät 40. The elevation was +5° to +40°. Firing took 10 seconds and the range of 1.9 km for Sprengranate and 2.2 km for Flammgranate.

Nicknamed "Walking Stuka" or "Bellowing Cow".

The vast majority of the other sdkfz 251 line were troop carriers. A complete list of all the models is here.
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