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Nov 14, 2001
Run, it's a Xenomorph!
From a distant Galaxy light years away, Xenomorphs are invading!

Xenomorphs are Fast, Extremely Aggressive and Very Deadly Alien Creatures. Armed with Strong Claws and Razor Sharp Teeth in the Outer and Inner Mouths. The Inner Mouths can extend up to three feet and are as fast as Alligator Snapping Turtles. Their Tails have Knife like Blades that can pierce all organic and most inorganic materials. The Blood of a Xenomorph is Extremely Corrosive and can dissolve any material!
Be Careful, Xenomorphs are Very Dark and difficult to see so they can easily sneak up on their victims.

Preview and Large Image


Xenomorph Airdrop and Preview

Note that the Preview Animation Speeds are better in Game. The Death here was made with the Normal Palette so it could be added to this preview with all other Animations. This makes the Blood color in the Black range.
Airdrop / Default-Fidget-Default-Run-Default-Fortify-AttackA-AttackB-Victory-Default-Fortify-AttackA-AttackB-Death


Xenomorph Run - Shows Better Run Speed / Xenomorph Death - Shows Blood Color


Included Files:
Civilopedia XenomorphLarge.pcx, XenomorphSmall.pcx, 3 Xenomorph_units_32.pcx images (for various Dark, Light and Medium colored Garrison areas of City Screens)

Xenomorph units_32:

Alternate and Extra Images:
ALT_XenomorphLarge.pcx has a White Background
ALT_XenomorphSmall.pcx has a Colored Background
Preview Images

PodPort Wonder:

for Buildings Large and Small - pcx images
for Wonder Splash - Wonder Splash image

XenoPods Improvement:
for Buildings Large and Small - pcx images

Xenomorph Game Images if needed or wanted.

Adjusted .ini file

Animations (flcs): XenomorphDefault.flc, XenomorphRun.flc, XenomorphFortify.flc, XenomorphFidget.flc, XenomorphAttackA.flc, XenomorphAttackB.flc, XenomorphDeath.flc, XenomorphVictory.flc, XenomorphAirdrop.flc

Sounds: XenomorphRun.wav, XenomorphFortify.wav, XenomorphFidget.wav, XenomorphAttackA.wav, XenomorphAttackB.wav, XenomorphDeath.wav, XenomorphVictory.wav, Xenomorph_Airdrop.wav

Remade the Default Flc to use Offsets so the Unit is seen inside the Bottom Right Game Unit Window Box with a better position.

Game Tested

You can download the Zip File Here

This Unit was one of the most difficult Units I have made due to the 3d Model having many problems. It required much more time to make. No Good Texture Maps, No Good inverse kinematics for the Tail and it was set as a separate character.
I managed to set inverse kinematics for the hands and experiment with what would look best with in the Civ Game. More Light reflection looked "Blotchy" and lighter shades of Black or any color was worse. The Details could not be shown due to the lack of Good Texture Maps so through experimenting it is set to at least show some reflection of details. In my opinion, Xenomorphs should be Dark anyway. I could not find any 3d Model I could use in Poser but because I wanted this Unit, I was at least happy to have some way to make it.

Every Direction for the Attack A and Attack B were made separately so the Xenomorph appears to Hit the Enemy. I had to experiment with several different Units to get what I call a "Happy Medium" for this because there are many different sized Units as well as how they are positioned and how they move during a battle. In general, the Xenomorph Hits all Enemies with Attack A and Attack B in all directions.
I remade/adjusted both Attacks 10 times because what looked good in one direction did not in other directions but those of you who make Unit animations for the Civ Game understand this type problem.

The Inner Mouth is shown during the Fidget but was not used in the Attacks because its size prevented it from showing well.

Sounds were equally tough to have work well and fit the Unit. As far as I know the Xenomorph does not really have a "Voice" but rather more Guttural Utterance type sounds and attack screams... in any case, best I could come up with.

Over All the Xenomorph works well in game and I hope some of you can use it. It is now in EFZI2 Elite and it is a Powerful and Scary addition for the Zombies :wow:
Awesome, I particularly like the splodgy death. I can definitely use this unit in my scenario for the Zeta Reticuli civ.
"My mommy always said there were no monsters - no real ones - but there are" (Newt)

Brilliant unit. Very well done!
Looking great, maybe I shoul have a modern tech line called "alien technology"... I wonder if there are more alien units.
Hi Vuldacon. The Xenomorph works perfect as Regular Unit and I know this Unit is not meant to be an Army Unit.

I try to use the Xenomorph as an Army Unit in the Mars Scenario anyway, but the Xenomorph Army Unit changes it's Color from Black to Silver than?


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Hunterkiller... To use a Normal Game Unit as an Army, you have to change the Unit Palette to an Army Palette.
Army Palettes are different than Normal Game Unit Palettes because the Palettes for Armies are set up with Colors for the Army Flags... Located across the Rows 5, 6, 7, 8.

Below is an Example of an Army Palette. I placed a Green Line on the left and right sides of the Palette area that is for the Main Unit Colors. There are 6 Rows of 16 Colors = 96 Colors. Normal Game Unit Palettes use 160 Colors on their Palettes. Therefore to change a Game Unit to an Army, you usually have to reduce the Unit Colors to 96 and add them to the Army Palette.

The Civ Specific Colors are on the Top 4 Rows of the Palette that can also be used if the Unit has Civ Colors that change for the Civ that owns the Unit. The Bottom 2 Rows are for Smoke/Fog and Shadow Shades that all units can use but here they are Red in this .pal Palette. Those Red slots have the Smoke/Fog and Shadow Shades and they show with the Alpha.pal Palette in Flicster and the Game.

Army Palette.png
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