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Nov 11, 2009
Hello, everyone! :D

I made this topic as suggested by two people in response to a post in the beginner's tips topic, about my current game. The original post:

Spoiler :

What would you recommend for my current game:

I'm playing Noble normal as Pericles, New World map (like Terra, but a combination with big and small and there are more regions in the old world, although in this particular map, I've met all other civs)

Things in 100 CE:
I'm in the middle of the landmass, with only one city accessing water, and I don't know if the polar ice caps allow me to get off the continent through that city, but that isn't important yet.
I have founded confucianism, and after enough of my neighbours converted, I converted to confucianism. :D
Tokugawa is to the north, with very few cities, but one of them I had eyed earlier. I might win it by culture, but it's not yet certain and I'm almost completely sure I can wipe him off the map easily in 40ish turns. But I'm at odds with Toku, gray face. He's also confu.

America is to my west, on the coast of the ocean, and on my southeast (they took one from the barbs). I'd like to get at least one of their coast cities, but I get along with Washington quite nicely. Besides, I could get a city on that coast from Toku if I attack. Washington is also confu.

Mehmed is to my southwest, and has helped me against famine twice, which means we have a good relationship. I have no incentive to take his lands away. The only problem I have is that he might found christianity or islam, in which case he might have a grudge against me until I go free religion. Mehmed is currently confu, and he's probably the only civ I'm happy to see as confu, since I have no wish for his lands and no quarrel with him.

Boudica is to my south, east of Mehmed, and she hates me. :) Blue-face hate. I might have to battle her soon, and I really hate it because as far as I've seen, her land is terrible, with the possible exception of the capital. I was asked to stop trading with her by one other civ, so she has at least one other unfriendly.

Willem is to my east, and we will have our culture quarrel, but I think it's manageable for a while. Willem is the founder of buddhism, so he's an enlightened one, some religious tension there.

India is I have no clue where. :)

most my lands are in the jungle/temperate area, I have gold, gems, soon some calendar resources, soon a lot of grasslands for cottages, so I will be great in science if I get out of this phase, which has never happened so far, I usually get declared on in situations like this. Force ratio is around 1.0 with most civs.

Could you please tell me your thoughts on what to do next? :D

Since I've started a new topic, I want to thank Silu, cripp7 and adrianj for answering in the other topic. :D
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