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News: 6otM65 Announcement

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Game Of The Month' started by leif erikson, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. leif erikson

    leif erikson Game of the Month Fanatic Administrator Supporter GOTM Staff

    Feb 2, 2003
    Plymouth, MA
    Civilization VI - Game of the Month 65

    Welcome to the 65th game in the 6OTM Series, and the first game in the Gathering Storm expansion! These games will allow new and old GOTM fans to try out the new features in Civ6 in a friendly environment. Participants are encouraged to post questions, stories, advice, tricks and failures in the dedicated game threads (described below). Each game will specify the Civ you will play and the Victory Condition to strive for. We will be working to refine the 6otM concept as we move ahead with the series. Gifting of cities is an exploit in a religious VC as the AI cant see that it will lose if it accepts the cities.

    Must Read!
    Civ VI - 6otM 65 Details:
    Here is where you will start:

    Matthias Corvinus' Unique Attributes:

    Spoiler :
    Matthias Corvinus' Special Ability: Raven King: Levied units gain an ability giving them +2 Movement and +5 Combat Strength. It costs 75% less Gold and resources to upgrade Levied units. If you Levy troops from a City-State receive 2 Envoys with that City-State. Gain the Black Army unique unit when the Castles technology is researched.

    Unique Ability
    : Pearl of the Danube: +50% Production to Districts and Buildings constructed across a river from a City Center.

    Unique Unit: Huszar: Hungarian unique Industrial Era unit that replaces Cavalry. +3 Combat Strength for every active Alliance. Requires the knowledge of Military Science and 10 Horses to build them.

    Unique Infrastructure: Thermal Bath: A building unique to Hungary. +2 Amenities and +2 Production extends to each city center within 6 tiles. These bonuses apply once to a city, and multiple copies of this building within 6 tiles of a city center do not provide additional bonuses.

    The city receives +3 Tourism and +2 additional Amenities if there is at least one Geothermal Fissure in this city's borders. Requires the Civic of Natural History and an Entertainment Complex with an Arena to build them.

    Special Unit: Black Army: Hungarian unique Medieval era unit that replaces the Courser. +3 Combat Strength for each adjacent Levied unit. Requires the Technology of Castles and 10 Horses to build them.

    Information about threads associated with each individual 6otM -- Must Read if you are new to our Game of the Month!
    Please note: If you wish to make a video of your game, please do not post any links to it until after the game submission date has passed. This is because of the potential spoilers that are created by posting before the end date. Thank you for your cooperation.

    Spoiler :
    Announcement thread (this one): This thread is used to announce the game and clarify the settings and rules (don’t be afraid to ask questions). It’s also used to discuss the game before you start, and post problems with opening the save. Once you have opened the save, DO NOT POST in the Announcement thread, even non game-related information. Instead use the next thread.

    Opening Actions thread: This thread is used to discuss the game's opening decisions and strategies through the first 100 or so turns. Here you can post questions related to the game and share your achievements/anger/frustration/victories while you play. We encourage players to use the spoiler tags for screenshot. During the time the game is active, please do not post any information concerning the game outside of the spoiler threads including screen shots, videos, or recorded/live-cast Let's Plays on other websites.

    After Actions thread: In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state your victory/loss date and final score (preferably in the post title) and describe your path to glory in this post! Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences. The game will not be closed as such, but after one month, the results will be compiled, and will not necessarily be updated with reports coming in after the finish date.

    File Upload System
    In development.

    This game runs for a month and ends July 22nd, 2019.


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  2. Zeppa

    Zeppa Chieftain

    Apr 4, 2004
    Midwest, US
    Thanks for the GOTM!
  3. incroc

    incroc Chieftain

    May 15, 2019
    Settle the tobacco, then second city south-east of the visibility for a +3 cheap campus?

    Or settle on the stone looks better actually, but I hate doing that.
  4. Eyswein

    Eyswein Prince GOTM Staff

    Nov 26, 2016
    I was thinking settle in place (+1 from plains hills), then work the tobacco until I get a Pantheon for +1 settler if available. Still get +3 campus by clearing the cows.
  5. arthur486

    arthur486 Warlord

    Oct 28, 2016
    Thank you for the game! I live in the town where Matthias was born, and we have a large statue of him in the city square, so I was pretty excited to take Hungary for a spin since the day they were announced. Glad I will be able to do it with the new patch, too :king:
  6. WideCoast

    WideCoast Warlord

    Nov 17, 2013
    Atlast I can participate again, altho I guess I'm a bit too late for this, but this one is more interesting than the current one and there's no way I would end up close to the top anyway :D
    Thanks for making these!
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