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Dec 13, 2009
Civilization 5 - Game of the Month Training Series Game 204
Welcome to the 204th game in the GOTM V Training Series! This Series will allow new and old GOTM fans to try out these features from Civ5's expansions and DLCs in a friendly environment. Participants are encouraged to post questions, stories, advice, tricks and failures in the dedicated game threads (described below). Each game will specify the Civ you will play and the Victory Condition to strive for. You can read more about the GOTM and Training Series concept in this thread.
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We would like to ask you to abide by our most sacred rule: Don't replay any turns! If you make a mistake, accept it and try to recover. To ensure fair play and prevent results exclusions, please set your Autosaves to 1 turn. In the event of a computer crash while playing, just reload to the previous save and play it as closely to how you played it the first time. Please let Leif, Hammer Rabbi or me know (either in the forums or through Private Message) if you experienced a crash and how many turns you replayed.
Civ V BNW - TSG204 Details:
Player (You): Augustus of Rome
Victory Condition: Domination all VC enabled Difficulty:Deity
Civs/City-States (including player): 3/36
Map Type/Size: Mediterrainain/large
Game pace: Standard

Game options:
Start - Ancient Era
Enabled - nothing

(Regardless of starting options, you may turn on/off Quick Combat/Quick Movement using the game options menu at any time during gameplay.)
Game Version: This game was created in Civ5 Brave New World version
Game Requirements: Denmark, Explorers map, Wonders of the Ancient World DLC. Gods and Kings expansion, Brave New World Expansion.
Rome Unique Abilities:
Spoiler :
UA:. Glory of Rome: 20% bonus to building buildings that are already present in the Capitol.
UU: Legion - a Unique unit that It is stronger than the Swordsman which it replaces, it can also build roads and Forts.
UB: Balista - a unique unit, it is stronger than the Catapult which it replaces.


Information about threads associated with each individual TSG -- Must Read if you are new to our Game of the Month!
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Please note: If you wish to make a video of your game, please do not post any links to it until after the game submission date has passed. This is because of the potential spoilers that are created by posting before the end date. Thank you for your cooperation.
TSG Announcement thread (this one): This thread is used to announce the game and clarify the settings and rules (dont be afraid to ask questions). Its also used to discuss the game before you start, and post problems with opening the save. Please dont post any game-related info once you open and play the save. Instead use the next thread.
After Actions thread: In this thread you can post the results of your game. Please state your victory/loss date (preferably in the post title) and describe your path to glory in this post! Players are encouraged to provide feedback on the game. Some players like to replay the game, and although we will not record the results from a replay, you can still post your new experiences. The game will not be closed as such, but after one month, the results will be compiled, and will not necessarily be updated with reports coming in after the finish date.
Results and Congratulations thread: We will create a separate thread with the results at the end of the one month submission period (sorted by earliest date and highest score ). We will issue a medal to the top winner (based on earliest date finished for each VC). There are no long-term records kept for these results, they are just given out to top finishers to reward their efforts.

File Upload System
We have a game file upload system you can find here. Please use it to upload your completed first attempt by saving the game on the turn after your victory or defeat. (by using the "lemme play one more turn" feature) Please note: you must submit your game on the turn following Victory. If you continue to play, the game overwrites the data and your submission could be rejected by the submission system.
This game runs for a month and ends april 15th, 2020.


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Mar 19, 2004
Frederick, MD
Be still my heart! Two Deity games this month! Love it! Thanks very much!

Rome on a coastal river start is a nice buff to the UA. I will cross the river though, as the initial tile is just a little too exposed for my tastes.

EDIT: Game pace is Standard (not Quick, per OP).
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Feb 26, 2013
DomV + Deity + large map + my mediocre combat skills, seems like the recipe for the fall of Rome

But, only 3 civs in the game means we have only two capitals to capture to win this game. If game speed is indeed standard, this may be possible…

With hopefully lots of room for expo’s and Rome’s UA I’m tempted to go for Liberty, but probably open Tradition first.

What about religion? Does anyone know how many religions can be found with 3 civs in the game? If I can get a religion, it will probably be a good one, with only two competitors.


Sep 27, 2010
Wow, 3 civs and 36 CS! I just know one of the civs is Greecce! Alex will need to go down first.


May 18, 2015
SE Minnesota
That looks like a good location for a city -- but not necessarily the capital. Takes too long to get fishing boats online, then they are hard to defend unless there are no barbarians. (Are there barbs? I haven't checked yet) I might take a walk...
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