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[BTS] News: BOTM 159 starts 1 September

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by Deckhand, Aug 29, 2018.

  1. Deckhand

    Deckhand Procrastination at its finest GOTM Staff

    Sep 22, 2008

    BOTM 159: Augustus Caesar of Rome.

    Augustus Caesar of Rome. Mare Nostrum.
    Inland Sea, Prince level, Small Map, Quick Speed.
    Map Maker: babybluepants

    Game settings:
    Playing as: Augustus Caesar of Rome
    Rivals: 5 AIs
    Difficulty: Prince
    Starting Era:
    Speed: Quick
    Options: No goody huts, no random events
    Victory Conditions:
    All enabled

    Map settings:
    Map: Inland Sea
    World Wrap: None
    Mapsize: Worldsize_small
    Climate: Climate_temperate
    Sea level: Sealevel_medium

    Augustus Caesar is Imperialistic and Industrious, and you start with Fishing and Mining.
    The Imperialistic trait gives +100% great general emergence and +50% production of settlers

    The Industrious trait gives +50% wonder production and double production speed of Forge

    Unique unit: Praetorian (replaces Swordsman)
    The Praetorian benefits from: base strength = 8, 0% city attack bonus, and 45 hammers to build (on normal speed). This compares with the Swordsman which has: base strength = 6, 10% city attack bonus, and 40 hammers to build (on normal speed).

    Unique Building: Forum (replaces Market)
    +25% great person birth rate
    +25% :gold:
    +1 :) for Fur, Ivory, Silk, Whale
    2 Merchant specialist jobs available

    Starting screenshot

    This is the start of the game (click for a bigger image):

    Note that in this game, any espionage-culture victories will be counted as cultural victories.

    To Enter the Competition:

    This competition will open at 00:01 am on 1 Sep 2018, server local time (UTC-6:00). From that date and time, you'll be able to get your chosen starting save >>>here<<<.

    Submit the save after your victory (or defeat) here, by 1 Oct 2018.

    Here is a link to a list of the differences between Vanilla, Warlords and BtS.

    Software Versions

    Windows: This game MUST be played in Beyond the Sword (NOT Civ4 Vanilla or Warlords), patched to version 3.19, and with the BUFFY mod version 3.19.005 installed. You can download the BUFFY mod here. Players using Windows Vista or Windows 7 are encouraged to read the notes on Vista fixes here.

    Macintosh: This game MUST be played in Beyond the Sword (NOT Civ4 Vanilla or Warlords), patched to version 3.19, and with the Mac BUFFY mod version 3.19.003 installed. You can download the Mac BUFFY mod here.
    While playing...

    Remember - for your entry to be accepted, it MUST be your first attempt to play this game, and you MUST NOT replay any turns. If you make a mistake while playing, you have to live with it, learn from it, and carry on the game without replaying.

    We will open 'spoiler' threads during the month for players to discuss what happens in their games. Do not discuss any details of your game outside those threads.
  2. Fine_Distinction

    Fine_Distinction Chieftain

    Jun 1, 2018
    Yay, Prince game for us non-experts :thumbsup:
  3. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Fear him of the pink tie Moderator GOTM Staff

    Dec 23, 2005
    London, UK
    Much as I dislike orphaning ocean tiles, that plains-hill-stone looks brilliant to settle on for a fast start and a rare high-production city. Tempted to move the warrior S to see if settling on the stone will actually orphan any seafood first. If no seafood, probably settle on the stone. If there is seafood, then ... oh dear... big dilemma!
  4. Daniel Acheson

    Daniel Acheson Chieftain

    Sep 6, 2017
    Looks an interesting game looking forward to it.

    Starting with fishing and mining looks like I will SIP > Workboat > tech BW straight away lots of nice forests to chop!
  5. Fippy

    Fippy Micro Junkie Queen

    Mar 17, 2013
    Can still get all seafood with other cities, only a problem if coast gets blocked by moving :)
    Settling on stone would be questionable without pigs, but you get everything needed there for a quick start & enuf food for Pyras so i think it's best here.

    Faster starts are always nice, and that ph 1ne of fish will be very good for city 2 (if nothing better shows).
    I would consider settler at size 2, with wheat & green mine.

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