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[BTS] News: BOTM 172 Results and Congratulations

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by DynamicSpirit, May 10, 2019.

  1. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Fear him of the pink tie Moderator GOTM Staff

    Dec 23, 2005
    London, UK
    Victories were thin on the ground in this very tough immortal level game. Of 17 people who submitted just 7 managed to win! shakabrade took fastest conquest - and the gold medal - with a pretty impressive 1120AD conquest victory, followed up by Pangaea who secured the silver medal with a slightly later 1280 AD conquest. pomthom took bronze and fastest domination - also 1280 AD.

    Out of all the submissions, there were just two non-military victories: Kaitzilla who secured the only (and therefore by default he fastest) cultural victory in 1490 AD. And Jovan Kukic who got the only religious victory in 1685 AD.

    Well done for at least trying everyone!

    Summary of Medal Winners:

    shakabrade: 1120 AD Conquest Victory, 348,759 points.

    Pangaea: 1280 AD Conquest Victory, 338,213 points.

    pomthom: 1280 AD Domination Victory, 303,999 points.

    Fastest Finish Award Winners:

    shyuhe: 1610 AD Domination Victory, 206,119 points.

    Kaitzilla: 1490 AD Cultural Victory, 157,302 points.

    Jovan Kukic: 1685 AD Religious Victory, 149,923 points.

    Other Award Winners:

    UB40: 1940 AD Spaceship Loss, 6,290 points.

    Berolsaurus: 860 AD Conquest Loss, 182 points.

    >> See the full results here.
    >> See the updated global rankings here.
    >> See the latest Pantheon of Heroes here.
    >> You can see and compare graphic replays of all the submissions here.
    >> Award symbols are listed here.
  2. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Fear him of the pink tie Moderator GOTM Staff

    Dec 23, 2005
    London, UK
    Here's where everyone settled.

    The Small Print:
    The numbers by each player's name indicate the turn settled on (starting turn is 0). Players are colour coded by game class (challenger=red, adventurer=blue). Symbols indicate victory condition, if there's no symbol then the player either retired or was defeated. The yellow border indicates the land that was visible at the start of the game.
  3. Pangaea

    Pangaea Rock N Roller

    Sep 17, 2010
    Congrats with your first gold :)
    I assumed you had a whole bunch, but looks like you haven't played many of these previously?

    Looks like my silver collection continues to grow, haha :D

    Some very good games in there, and pre-1500s culture is really good too.
  4. shakabrade

    shakabrade Praise Vivec!

    May 23, 2011
    Thanks, @Pangaea, I did not expect gold since I have liberated cities to avoid Domination/Conquest coinflip. Woohoo!:D

    A nice convergence on 1280AD happened for you. And all medal inside 45k score. Close one.

    Cultural espionage bends my mind as well although we were the first team to use it in SGOTM in Plastic Ducks days (credits to @kossin).

    You are right, haven't played GOTMs as I was only focused on the consistent deity play on random maps and GOTMs are rarely on real Deity. But GOTMs are definitely a lot of fun since you play against other people. I am actually sad I haven't played more GOTM back at my University days. A message to younger men lurking this thread!

    Wish you many more silvers to come! (just kidding, ... or not...) :D
    pomthom likes this.
  5. pomthom

    pomthom Drive & Reverb

    Dec 6, 2012
    Goodbye Paris, good morning London
    Congrats shaka and well done everyone :)

    Thanks DS for a challenging and interesting map!
    shakabrade likes this.

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