[BTS] News: BOTM 217 - Elizabeth, Deity - Starts July 15

Had to check in to understand. It's with the domestic advisor, if you choose "City Info"

But what does this "X 79, Y29" really tell me? The X coord is largely irrelevant on a map that has cyllindrical wrap, no?
The Y coord, tells me that if the map is 52 tiles tall I'm very close to the equator (29/52= 56%)

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Have to admit I hadn't noticed you could get that info from the city screen, but as a mapmaker I'm used to dealing with the coordinates. They are measured from the bottom left (SW) corner of the map, so I think you'd be correct that on a 52-tile-tall map, Y=29 would be near the equator - just North of it. I think even on a cylindrical map, you might deduce some useful information from the X coordinate: It tells you how far you are from the longitude where the map wraps around, and you can relate that to your knowledge of the map script - for example, some of the continent-based scripts will generally have nothing but ocean at the wrap-around point. If it's a map-script that is normally flat (such as great plains), but the map-maker has changed it to cylindrical (I've done that a few times) then knowing your longitude might be very helpful.
If the spoiler threads were to appear, I am confident that both would find some use. ;)
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