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[BTS] News: BOTM 239 Results and Congratulations


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Dec 23, 2005
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Apologies for the delay publishing these results. It turns out Noble Zarkon is busy with real life at the moment, so I'm publishing this on his behalf.

This was a very unusual game, with the requirement to start by conquering an AI city, but lots of you rose to the challenge. @Kaitzilla pulled off the only/fastest conquest and the gold medal very quickly - 1180 AD. @ZPV was only a short way behind date-wise, securing domination in 1220 AD and the silver medal. Considering how much of the map you'd have to colonize to get domination, that looks to me like an even more impressive date. @Smiregal wasn't that far behind with a 1390 AD domination and the bronze.

Another remarkable achievement... @bcool achieved the only spacerace win in - wait for it - 1555AD. To put that into perspective, in the real World, Shakespeare hadn't yet been born and the founding of the USA was still over 200 years in the future.

The only other victory type came from @Fine Distinction, who pulled off a religious victory in 840AD - also a remarkable date, and the earliest of any of the victories in this game. (EDIT: And also @Conquistador 63 who also won a religious victory, around 1500 AD)

Congratulations, everyone!

Summary of Medal Winners:

Kaitzilla: 1180 AD Conquest Victory, 620,602 points.

ZPV: 1220 AD Domination Victory, 428,102 points.

smiregal: 1390 AD Domination Victory, 398,015 points.

Fastest Finish Award Winners:

bcool: 1555 AD Spaceship Victory, 331,810 points.

Fine_Distinction: 840 AD Religious Victory, 174,014 points.

Other Award Winners:

Jovan Kukic: 1730 AD Domination Victory, 215,219 points.

donsig: 1892 AD Spaceship Loss, 1,227 points.

crofter: 1000 BC Conquest Loss, 130 points.

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The city settlement map is intriguing this time, but arguably not very useful because it shows where everyone first settled a city, and it doesn't show how many cities you may have captured first. But for the sake of interest...

Here's where everyone settled.

The Small Print:
The numbers by each player's name indicate the turn settled on (starting turn is 0). Players are colour coded by game class (challenger=red, adventurer=blue). Symbols indicate victory condition, if there's no symbol
Yay! got a religious victory :woohoo: A bit closer to the Eptathlon now :)

Thank you @Noble Zarkon for a very memorable game and @DynamicSpirit for publishing the results!

BTW, my settled cities were only to spread religion that is why the weird location.
There's been a change to the results. @Conquistador 63 won a religious victory, but was missed off the initial results because the server move that happened towards the beginning of August lost that submission. Now included. It doesn't change any of the awards or medals.

Let me know if anyone else submitted a game early in August which is mysteriously not showing in any results.
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