[BTS] News: BOTM 244 - India, Monarch - Starts 1 Nov

“Instant civic costs of 10 or 12 gpt”? Is that in addition to other maintenance costs? Like distance maintenance and all that kind of stuff?
Because of the latest GOTM Server downtime over the last week, @AlanH has kindly arranged to extend the deadline for this game again - so the final submission date is now 15 December. Hopefully that will give time for anyone who was affected by the the GOTM server being down.
Hi @DynamicSpirit can you please also post Mac saves? Looks like a very fun game but cannot open the GOTM server

Arrrgh yes I see what you mean. Looks like the server is down again :sad: Unfortunately I don't have access to the Mac saves because @AlanH deals with those. I'll see if anything can be done...
The site is back on line, and the Mac saves are/were available for this game.
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