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    I have moved the original #1 post about the practice game further down to make room for the starting game announcement and details. (Post #16) Something I should have done first.

    COTM112 Conquests Mar 2015, India, Demigod.

    Here is your starting location

    This month you play as India in a slightly modified Demigod game. Gandhi is Commercial and Religious and starts with Ceremonial Burial and Alphabet. Will you be able to pull off the Philosophy slingshot and surge ahead of the AI? Please see the discussion further on in this thread for details.

    Will you be like Gandhi and try to unite the world by peaceful means or will you be more like Alexander and subjugate the world by the sword. This is a standard size Pangaea map with slightly more land than the original settings call for.

    India - demigod, Standard size, No world wrap, 9selected AI
    Sedentary barbs
    No Goody Huts

    New unit for India; the Fast Worker. He/She works 50% faster than the regular Worker. India is the only one who can build this unit. The regular Worker can not be built by India.

    The War Elephant has been awarded 1 extra hitpoint so regular War Elephants will start at a strength of 4, veterans will be 5, and elites will be 6. This is just like Ancient Cavalry. War Elephants have also been given the ability to ignore movement costs in jungle. This might come in handy...

    The cow is sacred in most of India, will you use them wisely?

    NO Scientific leaders, random seed preserved

    There is a theme to the game which should become obvious.

    As of this moment the starting save has been emailed to AlanH and I will add it to this post when he has created the starting game page.

    Remember, no posting spoiler information in this thread once you have opened the starting save. If you come up with any issues please PM me and I will update this thread with anything non-spoilerish.

    Good Luck.

    One more hint for those who have read this far. In all of my testing the Sedentary Barbs don't come near your capital for several turns. You should be able to get out an unescorted Settler first. Later if left undisturbed, you will see hordes of Barbs. As always though, YMMV

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    Thanks, GreatBeyond.

    The release page is set up on the GOTM server for this game, complete with the download link for the starting file, and it will become available on March 4th. Deadline for submissions is April 15th.

    You don't need to add the starting save to this thread - indeed it is preferred that you don't, as we can track downloads from the GOTM server more accurately.
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    This start has less commerce than that of the practice game. There are three Forests as far as I can see and at the most one more BG, except if one is hidden under Forest.

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