[C3C] News: COTM158 Maya Deity - Results and Congrtulations


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Jan 9, 2003
Here are the results of the Q1 C3C game played at Deity level as Smoke Jaguar of the Maya

We saw nine submissions with six victories in this Deity game. Well done everyone.

Summary of Medal Winners:

Lanzelot: 1070 AD Diplomatic Victory, 11,027 points.

cerajo: 1070 AD Domination Victory, 10,653 points.

Green Bear: 1355 AD Conquest Victory, 9,957 points.

Fastest Finish Award Winners:

Cotta: 1700 AD Spaceship Victory, 8,749 points.

Other Award Winners:

LaSalle: 1440 AD Domination Victory, 8,365 points.

Stalintag: 1650 AD Cultural 100k Loss, 2,463 points.

Captain_Jack: 1860 AD Spaceship Loss, 1,240 points.

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