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News:COTM91 Pre-Game Discussion; Saves Available!


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COTM 91: Scandinavia!

Still struggling with time issues but I can almost see the light at the end of the tunnel. This month, Ragnor and Scandinavia! Only Regent level so I bumped up the # of AI to 9. Archipelago should play to the Vikings strengths. Good Luck!

The saves are available >>here<< right now, June. 18th. You have 1 1/2 months to finish this one.

Civilization: Scandinavia
Rivals: 9
Barbarians: Roaming
Difficulty: Regent
Land Form: Archipelago, 70% ocean, Standard map.
Geology:3 billion years old, Normal and Temperate.
AI Aggression: Normal

Conquest-Class Bonuses:

  1. Free Pottery
    2 bonus Curraghs
    100 Free Gold

Open-Class Bonuses

Predator-Class Obstacles:

  1. Do not have Warrior Code
    Your Berzerks cost 75 shields
    AI get 1 offensive Unit, 2 defensive Units and 4 bonus unit support
Finally... Not that I really have time to play, but anyway...

This looks like a mighty generous start for Regent. However, it is likely that we lack fresh water, iron and horses. I will (would) go for a slingshot, the main reason being that there are very few AI towns above size 1 to capture if they stay in despotism.

Since I will (would) go for domination, it will (would) mainly be a question of logistics and thus the challenge will (would) be to emulate Master Templar.
I am thinking settle in place looks a good idea
Più Freddo;11581732 said:
I take on the Predator Domination Challenge!
You're on! (Or would be on.)
really nice for Regent, indeed. with such a start it is always hard to consider research up to invention... but otherwise there is probably no GA for you. hmmmm

thanks for the roses, Megalou, however the true logistics specialist would be Ivan Larkin, and there are others to be much more worthy to be called that than myself. as yourself, i most often just lack the time for in-depth planning.

in case i should be able to play, i might join the challenge. to be honest, i won`t continue here if i make a stupid mistake in the beginning. but i might give this one a try, as i have not played a full game in quite a time, and even much longer none with the Vikings.

Taking on the Conquest-class, as this will be my first attempt at a COTM (or, indeed, any XOTM!).

Dusting off C3C after several years away from it, and Regent was about the limit of my ability, but this does look a very comfortable start location, so this will be a good one to see how rusty I've become. Certainly not expecting to keep up with anyone on this forum, but looking forward to the discussions that come with the first spoiler thread.

Thanks for keeping these kind of things going so many years (and two - or more? - games) after Civ III came out!
I second Acronym's thanks for keeping this thing going! I have also dusted off civ3 after many years away, and this will also be my first xotm. I'll be playing open class, maybe I'll go for a diplo win, I've not gotten that victory condition before, I tend to go either space or cultural...
Thanks, Piu Freddo - I haven't been till now (really should have done) but will do so from now on. Had been making saves as I went along, but I guess I can't really open them to remind myself of what the state of the world was like at a certain time without it looking like a reload? Certainly won't play on from any of the older saves, anyway - sticking to the rules!

On reflection, I should I have made a save at 1000BC for the Quick Start Competition - again, not expecting to have achieved anything remarkable, but it would have been instructive for learning from others! Ah well, there'll be another month (or month-and-a-half), eh?
I will try fast conquest. I expect that long ship chains are key for that.
Late start but here we go.
Plan to settle in place, research pottery as fast as possible.
Plan to build, warrior, send him out as a scout, curagh, warrior, worker, granary.
Worker to mine and road until second is out, then cut trees to rush granary.
Research to philo, with maps as the free tech, then go to Monarch.

Build up a core, send out more "scouts", prepare for war.

That sounds about right, but subject to change.
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