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[Vanilla] News: GOTM 132 starts June 11

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by Deckhand, Jun 7, 2018.

  1. Deckhand

    Deckhand Procrastination at its finest GOTM Staff

    Sep 22, 2008

    GOTM 132: Cyrus of Persia.

    Cyrus of Persia. It's been over a year since we had a gotm. So, this is a big one. Large continents map. Ten weeks to play. Twelve random opponents. Emperor, Prince or Noble level.

    Game settings:
    Playing as: Cyrus of Persia
    Rivals: 12 AIs
    Difficulty: Prince
    Starting Era:
    Speed: Normal
    Options: None
    Victory Conditions:
    All enabled

    Map settings:
    Map: Continents
    World Wrap: Cylindrical
    Mapsize: Worldsize_large
    Climate: Climate_temperate
    Sea level: Sealevel_medium

    Cyrus is Expansive and Creative, and you start with Agriculture and Hunting.
    The Expansive trait gives +3 health/city and double production speed of Granary and Harbor

    The Creative trait gives +2 culture/city each turn and double production speed of Colosseum and Theatre

    Unique unit: Immortal (replaces Chariot)
    The Immortal benefits from: gets defensive bonuses, can withdraw from combat (30% chance), and 50% combat bonus against archer units. This compares with the Chariot which has: does not get defensive bonuses, and can withdraw from combat (20% chance).

    Starting screenshot

    This is the start of the game (click for a bigger image):

    Adventurer Class bonuses:
    Noble difficulty.

    Challenger Class Equalizers:
    Emperor difficulty.

    To Enter the Competition:

    This competition will open at 00:01 am on 11 Jun 2018, server local time (UTC-6:00). From that date and time, you'll be able to get your chosen starting save >>>here<<<.

    Submit the save after your victory (or defeat) here, by 20 Aug 2018.

    Here is a link to a list of the differences between Vanilla, Warlords and BtS.

    Software Versions

    Windows: This game MUST be played in Civ4 Vanilla (NOT Beyond the Sword or Warlords), patched to version 1.74, and with the HOF mod version 1.74.004 installed. You can download the HOF mod here. Players using Windows Vista or Windows 7 are encouraged to read the notes on Vista fixes here.

    If you have not installed BtS, you will need to update the relevant DLL files in order to match the Locked Assets checks. These are available here.**

    Macintosh: This game MUST be played in Civ4 Vanilla (NOT Beyond the Sword or Warlords), patched to version 1.74, and with the Mac HOF mod version 1.74.002 installed. You can download the Mac HOF mod here.
    While playing...

    Remember - for your entry to be accepted, it MUST be your first attempt to play this game, and you MUST NOT replay any turns. If you make a mistake while playing, you have to live with it, learn from it, and carry on the game without replaying.

    We will open 'spoiler' threads during the month for players to discuss what happens in their games. Do not discuss any details of your game outside those threads.
  2. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    Well done for getting a Vanilla game out, I had meant to do one a few times but it didnt happen, but, I have now created one and I will leave it in reserve for when this one is nearing completion.

    Cyrus.... love Cyrus, I sure hope we have horsies close by.

    Scout to the forested plains hill.... south looks like a jungle wonderland... might be something to the north so we can keep the piggies, phants and several riverside grass hills.

    Remember.... Vanilla is food poor compared to BtS!
  3. lymond

    lymond Rise Up! (Phoenix Style!) Hall of Fame Staff

    Mar 11, 2008
    Wish he had Char in Vanilla. Both traits were not as good here, but Creative still very nice for the border pops, especially Monuments suck royally in vanilla.

    Settling on those jumbos is looking tempting.
  4. Noble Zarkon

    Noble Zarkon Civ IV Emperor EQM Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Sep 6, 2012
    Fife, Scotland
    Just been reading the differences - SH / Monuments expire with Calendar :crazyeye: :confused:

    This could be fun now I have found my CIV IV disk :)
  5. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Jag är Viking!½ GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    Lets see if I can find that digital relic which still has a dvd drive to let me play this...

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