[PTW] News: GOTM 161 Scandinavia Monarch 20k - Pre-game Discussion

Più Freddo

From space, earth is blue
Jan 26, 2005
Vienna, Austria
GOTM161 Ragnar Lodbrok of Scandinavia

In game number 161 of the classic game of the month series you will rule as Ragnar Lodbrok over the Vikings, who are Expansionist and Militaristic and start the game with the knowledge of Pottery and Warrior Code.


This is a Monarch-level game designed by templar_x. The Viking unique unit is the Berserk, a replacement for the Longbowman with Amfibian ability and a hefty punch.

We continue to use a modified form of the standard PTW scenario, and although no bugs have been reported in some time, it is possible that play testing has not been exhaustive. Any in-game event or behaviour that a player feels is unintended should be reported to the GOTM staff immediately.

Here is your start position:


Scope of the Game:

Map size|Standard, 100x100 Tiles
Map topology|Secret
Rivals|8 Pre-Selected AI Tribes
Required victory condition|20k culture
Submissions due by 4 October 2017 |PLEASE NOTE THE DATE

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The GOTM series of friendly competitions is a community effort.
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I bet the best place for a 20k city is to found it on start spot. Fast Colossus and the Great Library asap.
I'll probably send the Worker S to scout, mine and road the BG there. What he sees will determine which of the other two units moves/acts first.
Raging Barbs, 8 Rivals, Military trait... I might go against my builder nature and aim for early for military might and GL fishing.
for those who played this game... i would be really interested in how you played and perceived the start. i had made quite some thoughts about initial considerations and built-to-measure this start position. now i am eager to learn whether it worked out. ;)
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